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Crayola Digital Light Designer


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $54.99

MSRP (USD): $44.99

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It is pretty cool. As long as the button is presed down (the unit is laying on a flat surface), you can draw lots of cool things and change colours and save your drawings too. There are lots of activities to do. It does kinda make a lot of noise.



It's amusing to draw on the dome, especially at night. There are a whole lot of color and I can make whatever design I want, the lines can be big or small. I wish there where 2 pens so I could draw at the same time as a friend. I like the games. I like it better that the other dome that you put a paper inside and you have to draw on the lines ( crayola color explosion glow dome)



It's pretty much fun to draw on, I like to make a picture and save it then make another picture, like a little movie or something. I don't use it as much as before, I find the noise kinda aggravating.



I like drawing pictures, but it's too hard to make them nice. I wish they had two pens because my brother keeps wanting to try. The pen doesn't always seem to work good for me. My dad keeps telling me it has more stuff it can do, but it's too confusing.



I enjoy the digital light to draw, but it does not always come out as nice as I would like. I really half to take my time.


Mike R.


This toy brought back memories of when I was younger and saw something similar. I was anxious to see how technology had improved things. Uh, it didn't. This thing was a bit of an anachronism in our house. This inaccurate, noisy and battery-needy device does offer some neat advanced features but it doesn't yet seem to compare to modern apps offered on wii's, ds's, tablets, etc that can do drawing, animation, etc. It's also rather expensive (esp the Cdn price) and requires those nasty d batteries. It actually has an ac adapter slot, but no adapter.

Jennifer F.


I felt this toy was overpriced and noisy. My 6 year old son enjoyed seeing his drawings become animated, but I didn't feel there was enough play value to justify the noise and cost!

Tara R.

I'm truly torn about this toy. I despise its buzzing, whirring & flashing. In fact, I have to be in another room when it's on. The problem is, my boys, 4.5 & 6, love it. And they love it despite its imprecise stylus, retro-style games and frustrating interface. And they love it in the face of Nintendo Wii, DS, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. They play with it at least once a day, and they have to be nagged to turn it off. That even trumps Lego...

Kimberly H.


My kids (F11, F10, F6) did enjoy playing with this toy, but once I put it away, they didn't ask to take it back out again. I personally didn't love this game, b/c I felt that it lacked the process of true creativity. AND, I'm not into electric toys in general. I never could get past my irritation with the noise of the motor in this toy.

Ann L.


This toy is just to expensive for what it does. There are so many electronic gadjet on the market this one does not compete.

Marie-Lise H.

I like that there is no mess to clean up. It's all at a flick of a icon. If we didn't have so many electronics at home I think the kids would enjoy it more, as it is, there are some pretty neat Apps out there. Mia (9) likes using the dome more than the iphone but there are much less options. The dome needs to be placed on a flat surface, so that removes taking it on trips. The noise can be quite aggravating, not all kids are bothered by it but most of the adults in the house are. The dome is intuitive enough to use, the kids ( 10, 9, 8 ) had no problem finding how it works. The games are cute and using the scan code on the box with my iphone I was able to see a demo of how the dome works.


Manufacturer Description

Draw, Animate and Play on a Spinning Light Canvas!

Grab the digital stylus and get ready to draw in an amazing way—with coloured, spinning lights! Drawing, special effects, animation, games, activities, and so much more—it’s hours and hours of creative fun! You can even sit back and replay your favourite creations as they appear to float in mid-air on the 360° surface.You won’t believe your eyes!

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