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Crayola® Dry Erase Decals


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $10.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Truly innovative! These messages decals really do stick and re-stick to almost any surface - over and over again. Our testers loved that they could put these message boards without putting holes in the walls, so they could stick them places they wouldn't ordinarily be able to put a message board. They work well - and erase easily with either the dry-erase crayons provided, or with any dry-erase marker. Great for leaving note, making lists, or just practicing your letters. CAUTION: The small size of the speech bubbles set is better suited to older kids though, as preschoolers sometimes mark too close to the edge and then smudge the colour onto walls when erasing.




It erases pretty well and you can see the colours very well.  I like that it can go anywhere.



I love this one! I get to draw and colour whatevr I want and get to change it. It's in the kitchen and I used it about 5 times just today. The only thing I wish was that it had more colours. We used some other colours from other sets and it worked good still.



I think that is a great idea for your locker at school because they can't fall off. I use them for notes like things that I have to remember or stuff that I have to do. My friends will probably want to write notes to me on them as well. It iseasy to erase and write other things. It is neat that it is crayons but I wonder if a real crayon would work.



I put them up around my room around some of the things that I had already hanging up. Now I can write on the decals and pretend that the objects that they surround are saying things. The one that I stuck on my door says welcome and then the state of my room. I hung one by a picture of a poster of a kitten that says 'Bad Kitty' and one says 'It was him' and the other says 'I didn't do it. It is fun to write on the decals and make my objects express themselves and tell others what they are doing. It's cool that you don't use a marker, you use crayons because you would usually use a marker on stickers like this.



I really like these big stickers. I like the colors they come in and the crayons write well on it. I like to make little pictures or messages for my parents, sometimes I like the message or the pictures so much I wish I could keep it but there is no way to do that. I like the crayon does not erase really easy, like with markers, if someone touches my picture it doesn't smudge. And if I leave a picture there for a while it is not hard to remove it with a kleenex, I just need to rub it off.



I like that there are 3 decals in the set and we don't have to fight who gets to write something, we can all have our own board. I liked sticking the decal on the wall, it's like a huge sticker. The only thing is that there is no where to attach the crayon on the board so if it's not put back in the right spot I don't have a crayon to write with.



I like to draw, it's really cool. I have it on wall next to my bed. I drew a pirate. Sometimes I draw before I go to sleep. I can wipe the picture with a kleenex and start again. I can make letters too.


Joyce S.


We are having a lot of fun with this.  We have given it a home on the fridge and do a riddle of the day on it.  Everyone writes their answers on it and the next day the real answer and a new riddle are posted.  The crayons write easily, erase easily and don't make a mess. 

Kim M.


The Crayola Dry Erase Decals have been well used.  They have been used as pretend mittens on hands, skates on feet and masks for faces!  They have been stuck on the floor, bedding, headboards and the walls.  While perhaps not as sticky as they once were and somewhat wrinkled, they work well and still stay in place.  Erasing and smudging on walls is still a problem, and reminders need to be given not to write/print/colour/draw too close to the edges.  We use the crayola crayons, dry erase markers and general dry erase markers and all work well.  This has been a fun and creative outlet for the children (and a useful schedule reminder for me). 

Laurie T.


Dry erase boards are always fun for the kids as they can change what is said on it from time to time. what is really cool about these ones is that they are shaped like speech bubbles. The girls were able to spread them around their room and have the various objects they had already displayed saying things. Also they put them at their desks and had it seem that they were thinking things while they sat there. A really cool inventions and really fun.

Marie-Lise H.


I think these decals are very convenient, I now have the 3 sheets in the kitchen on our cupboards. 1 is for my use, I have started a new fitness regime and it helps me keep track of what I do during the day, the other is for general messages and the 3rd on is for the kids to leave us little love notes. By having all 3 decals in the same area it is easier to keep track of the crayons. I have not found a way to attach them to the board itself. I thought of tying a string on it and attaching it to the door handle of the cupboard but there was too much risk of having the crayon caught in the door.

Jen S.


An interesting concept. I liked the fact that these could stick on doors or walls without paint coming off or without using any tape, glue, etc. My son took a set of decals and put them on his door, writing various keep out signs, etc. He liked the idea of writing on these too. I'm not certain we would use these on a regular basis for notes to each other. Some of them aren't big enough for that purpose and would definitely be used more for decoration. Even though these decals have a purpose, I still wouldn't want them placed anywhere in the house. I feel they make the house feel a little cluttered or messy and my first instinct is to remove them. I'm not sure of the longevity of the stickyness. We haven't moved them from place to place yet. The crayons worked pretty well for me but my son found them a little frustrating as you have to repeat your pattern sometimes for the writing to be seen. I think the concept is great though. I am all for organization and new concepts revolving around that theme.


Manufacturer Description

Crayola® Dry-Erase decals provide the ideal surface for kids to express their creativity and individuality. Generous-sized PVC-free tiles adhere to virtually any flat surfaces: walls, metal, glass, fabric, plastic – and more! Great for the classroom or at-home use. With the included non-staining Crayola® Dry-Erase crayons, kids can write, scribble and doodle on these tiles to their hearts' content. Then, when the fun is over, these reusable, repositionable tiles clean easily with water. And the tiles come down and can be stored away for next time. Recommended for ages 4 and up. Also available in Bubble Babble Set (04-4115) and Pipe Dreams Set (04-4107).

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  • 3 ea. 30 cm x 30 cm Dry-Erase Decal Sheets


  • Non-staining from most surfaces and easily washes away with water.