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Crayola® Dry Erase Poster Set


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $10.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Whether you stick them on the wall or on a desk, these poster size, reusable drawing surfaces are a great new environmentally-friendly medium for creativity. These poster-sized dry erase sheets really do stick and re-stick to almost any surface - over and over again. Our testers loved that they could put them up without putting holes in the walls, so they could stick them places they wouldn't ordinarily be able to put a message board. They work well with either the dry-erase crayons provided or with any dry-erase marker and erase easily. Great for list-making and other organizational tasks, but the larger size is especially suited to drawing pictures. CAUTION: While the larger size gives kids more room to draw, you'll still want to caution preschoolers not mark too close to the edge and be careful not to smudge the colour onto walls when erasing.




I like the crayons and they are better than normal crayons because you can erase them.  It's easy to write on and it erases well.



I do like having this poster in my room. My mom put it on my door (closet door) and I have the crayons beside my table at my bed. I like to draw and I really like to write out my birthday list (my friends that I'm having come to my party). I do need help with the names. It kinda feels like I'm writing on the wall, but it's ok to do it! I like using the markers (dry erase markers) because it's easier to get the colours off. I use the mitten to erase stuff and it works good.



I like these crayons a lot. They are easy to use. I like to share them with my brother. We both sit at the desk and draw nice pictures. When we want to change the picture we wipe it away. Awesome. I like making butterflies. They look nice with these crayons.



I like to draw, it's really cool. I have it on wall next to my bed. I drew a pirate. Sometimes I draw before I go to sleep. I can wipe the picture with a kleenex and start again. I can make letters too.


Kim M.


The Crayola Poster Set has been well tested!  It has been stuck on walls, taken off and re-placed and positioned many times, including on tables, carpet and doors.  Amazingly, it still sticks!  It has some wrinkles it in, which doesn't seem to bother my little artist.  We use the crayola crayons, crayola dry erase markers and generic dry erase markers.  They all come off easily, with the crayons being the tougest to erase.  I don't expect this poster to last forever, but it continues to be a great value for the cost.

Orietta M.


I love these crayons and the poster "sticky" paper it comes with. The crayons write so well. They are vibrant and help make wonderful pictures. The sticky paper is wonderful too because you can take it off and reuse it any where in the house. We chose to stick it on the children's desk so they can easily draw on the paper. As well, the crayons come off the paper easily by simply wiping away with tissue paper. So the poster paper is great for reusing. Nice touch since we have to be more environmentally friendly.

Marie-Lise H.


It used to be in Kaï room and he really enjoyed drawing before bedtime, then I had the good idea of bringing it downstairs and placing it by the door and writing on it reminders for the kids routines. When a friend came over to drop off her child for a play date, she was really taken by that idea. She thought I was a really well organized mother...well as long as I look well organized, that's half the battle

Julie J.


We have taped the dry erase poster to an unfinished basement wall and it still seems to be encouraging the kids to colour on the walls. Perhaps rather than a poster it needs to be more of a flip notebook style book kids could write in at a table.

Jen S.


I'm not sure I would recommend this as a toy for a 4+ year old. My son will doodle on it but it could easily have marks on the wall, door, etc. as 4 year olds aren't exactly adept at staying on that small of a surface when experimenting. I think a chalk board or your regular paper and crayons on a table is better suited for this age range. I do think it would be better suited for older kids if they were showing some concept with their homework, writing notes on their door, having it for a reminder list, etc. I think its best use would be for organization (ie. a to do list, a grocery list put on the inside of a pantry door, etc.) I don't think I would purchase this as a toy for a 4 year old.


Manufacturer Description

Use this large, repositionable dry-erase poster on virtually any flat surface, vertical or horizontal! PVC-free poster adheres to most walls, metal, glass, fabric, plastic – and more! Available in Line and Plain versions. Dry Erase Line Poster (04-4102-0-000): The ruled-line design is ideal for practicing writing skills, making notes or group creative-writing endeavors. Great for the classroom or at-home learning. Dry Erase Plain Poster(04-4103-0-000): Open design encourages creative drawing and doodles. Great for the classroom or at-home learning.

Model Number

04-4122; 04-4113

Year Introduced



  • 3 Washable Dry-Erase Crayons


  • Easy to install, no hardware needed!