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Crayola® Glow Explosion® Glow Stick Gear (74-4160)


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $8.99

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Our testers loved the special connectors that effectively turn glow sticks into a construction toy – and a pretty amazing one at that! Build glowing masks that seem to float in the dark, illuminated bangles and crowns or light-up action gear (like a futuristic hand blaster). A terrific sleepover activity. The only negative for this kit is that some of the connectors broke. NOTE: The connectors fit standard glow sticks, so hold on to them for your next glow fest. 




I wished it would have glowed for longer. I liked that there was no mess. I liked making wheels of all different colors, when we spinned them like Frisbees you couldn't tell where the colors started or ended, it was really pretty.



It's cool. I built lots of awesome designs. (Will) It was a great bendy toy that could make lots of different designs. (Holly)



We made really cool masks and they glowed but sometimes the plastic for attaching the sticks broke and wrecked our mask design.


Randi M.


Glow Sticks are very cool. Having a kit with connectors included and ideas for bending them into cool shapes is a very good idea for a specific event more so than for everyday use. I would definitely buy this for a party or sleepover or for a camping trip, for instance. Good play value for money.

Marie-Lise H.


think this was lots of fun.  We have used glow stick before, the quality appears to be a bit better than the glow sticks we buy at the craft store as those sometimes break and makes one heck of a mess.  Maybe the kids are getting better at  handling them too but none of the leaked.The little wheel and the attachment takes the craft to a different level, usually we where limited at  making a circle but the attachments opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  This time the kids where only limited by the amount of time the stick glowed, the activity they seemed to like the best was making a wheel and spinning it around.  Now that the glow is gone we can still keep the attachments and use them on regular glow sticks.

Caroline S.


My daughter (8) had a great time creating designs and fun glow in the dark masks with a friend at a sleepover. The designs were easy for them to create and looked amazing with the lights off. They had fun running around in these glow masks. The kit includes ample glow sticks and attachment tubes. The only negative is the attachment tubes sometimes split which makes the glow stick come apart thus ruining the design. Also, once the glow is gone, the fun is over and the sticks cannot be re-used.


Manufacturer Description

It's a whole new kind of play experience! With the Crayola Glow Explosion® Glow Stick Gear set, you can create and show off your personalized special-effects doodads to wear on your head or body. Four different colors of flexible glow sticks and fun connectors keep the fun glowing for hours!

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  • 40 glow sticks in 3 colours: