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Crayola Marker Maker


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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Our testing families enjoyed this fun project right in time to spark a bit of back to school enthusiasm - instead of buying new school markers, they made them. It's certainly cheaper to just buy your markers (even the replacement components cost more than factory made markers), but our kid-testers really appreciated the markers they made themselves, and the quality is top notch - they work and last just like the factory made ones. It's certainly interesting to see all the components that make up a marker, as well as, observing how different colour proportions blend together to make a variety of shades. But it's important to note that while there is some wiggle room to experiment with the colour proportions to create your own shades, for the most part, this activity is more like following a recipe than an open-ended exploration of colour mixing - otherwise you end up with muddy, brown markers than aren't much fun to colour with. (NOTE: for kids wishing a more in-depth and open-ended opportunity to blend colours, Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit sets them up with an excellent colour-mixing laboratory.)




I love making my own markers! I never thought about how they were made before, I just would use them, now when one is dried, maybe instead of throwing it out I could fix it..that would be cool. I like that to make the colours come out right I have to be real precise, you can't have too little of one colour ink or too much of another or that marker won't be what I wanted. I like seeing the ink get soaked up, it's so quick! I feel like a scientist, choosing the colour, mixing things and seeing what happens, and the best part... the markers really work!



I enjoyed making markers. They were easy to make and it didn't take a long time. I liked that they work really well. I also liked that I could create my own colours. They only thing...I would like it to come with a bit more dye.



I LOVE THIS THING. it is way better then the crayon maker. I think that the part that you are able to make then use them. it comes with more then enough ink.



It is very cool because you can make unknown colours but there are not enough markers- we finished them already



It's very cool how the ink goes up and soaks the whole barrel and the nib. You have to be strong to push the lever to make the cap go on. You could experiment and choose any colour or ink and make different colour markers. The markers came out very good.



I love these markers and use them a lot at school. I made great colours and they are lasting me a long time just like my regular Crayola markers, but these are better because I made them.


Liz H.

My daughter (10 yrs) had a wonderful time making markers for school. She also used the set to teach her little cousins (f4, f6, f8) about colour mixing. I was surprised by how well the markers turned out and worked! I also like that you can costumize your set and keep them in a box.

Jennifer K.

Both Brooklyn, age 10, and Mackenzie, age 6, have really enjoyed creating their own colors of markers. The markers work just a well as factory made Crayola markers. The kit was easy to use, and the results were fun to watch as the color absorbed into the tip. Mackenzie really enjoyed making her own colours!

Rebecca Y.


The boys (M9, M8, M5) all enjoyed making these markers. I made the first 2 with them and then they were able to do the rest (16 total) by themselves. It's set up really well so that there's almost no mess. The instructions would have been better in colour since it was a little difficult to see how to put the marker together from the pictures. They made a few of the suggested colours and then experimented making different colours with different amounts of drops. Most of them came out brown in the end, but they had a lot of fun with it. I think the whole container is a little overdone since it took us about 1 hour to finish all 16 markers and we hardly used the container (aside from capping the marker). We have a whole container now which is fairly useless unless we buy more ink and cartridges to make more markers. They could have cut down on the container and lowered the price and it would have provided the same enjoyment.

Marie-Lise H.

It would be way cheaper to just buy a box of markers, but I really liked seeing how Sebastien (M11) enjoyed mixing the colours and creating his own box of markers. He has a new appreciation of what goes into making them, and I am hoping that he finally going to learn to put the caps back on, after hearing him tell his younger brother (9), "Yes you can borrow my markers, but be careful with them and make sure you put the cap on tight, do you know how much work went into them!


Manufacturer Description

Now you don't have to fret when your favorite-color marker runs dry. Now you can make more! The Crayola Marker Maker contains all you need to make 16 brightly colored markers – components, labels, two storage boxes... and even a color recipe chart for mixing custom colors! Create your own custom color markers in minutes! Use the mixing guide to create your colors—or make up your own. Watch as the marker core magically draws in the ink, and then click it together to finish your own custom marker! With Crayola’s new Marker Maker, kids take creative control in making their very own markers in unique colors! In just a few easy steps, kids can act like chemists, and in no time they will have customized markers to show off and use. 

To begin, kids choose a color from the color mixing chart or they can create their own color. Next, kids simply mix the marker ink colors together using the measuring tube and then dip the marker reservoir into the measuring tube to draw in custom ink.  To complete the process, kids use the Marker Maker unit to assemble the marker with a simple click.  The kit includes everything kids need to create up to 16 customized markers with 18 color combinations to choose from. When the fun is done, the Marker Maker closes up into a small portable unit that also doubles as storage for all the marker making components.

NOTE: Marker Maker Refill Pack (74-7055) available for $10.99 - includes more ink and components to make 12 new markers.  

Model Number

04-4086 (Canada) / 74-7054 (US)

Year Introduced



  • 16 marker part sets: Barrels, Labels, Cores, Tips, Caps & Plugs