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Crayola® Pip-Squeaks Skinnies™ Washable Markers - 64 ct.


Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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The stamps are really cool because you can colour the stamp with different colours. You can colour each part of the stamp a different colour to make a really cool stamp.  The markers are divided into types of colours, like earth and neon.   You then don’t have to search for all of that type of colour, they are all together.  The earth section helps me to colour nature pictures. I love to use it during indoor recesses at school to draw pictures.  I also like the name “pipsqueaks”, it jumps out at me. And they’re so small and cute. The smallness of them makes it easier to carry them around.  I like the back of the box were it has little pipsqueaks with little faces.



I really like these markers.  The colors are beautiful and there's so many of them.  The stamps are neat.  I can choose myself where I want the different colors.  And because there are so small, I think there're cute!



I really like the yellows and other colours. I can hold them easily and they make pretty pictures. I like to choose different colours everytime.



I like all the colours.  I love the stamps- there's one for me and one for my brother!


Christine L.


These markers are really nice.  The colors look so amazing and there are so many options.  I think there's something like 8 different tone of green!  The fact that they're small is great for the small hands but in the end it will cut on the quantity of ink.  The stamps are cool.  Perfect if you want to mix colors.  The kids loved it.  They wash off pretty easily from the hands and stamps.

Sylvie O.


This was a hit right away! No matter what other markers had been in the house, these appealed to my daughter because of the amount of markers there were in the box. She was very pleased to have all these new colours.

Laurie T.


These markers are really cute.  A bit hard to hold because of their size but kids really like small cute things and these have that appeal.  The stamps that come with them add a new dimension to the marker set and give kids another idea to use their markers for and other stamps could be used in the same way.  The fact that Zoé has become very imaginative with adding different colours to the stamp to make it more interesting is great as it has sparked her imagination.

Jill B.


These markers are a great size for little hands. And this set includes a great variety of colours. My kids love the stamps that it comes with, and they are easy for them to use. Washable is always wonderful, too!


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Crayola® Pip-Squeaks™ Skinnies are perfect for travel and on-the-go! The small size marker with BIG color!

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