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Crayola® Pop Art Pixies Ice Chandelier


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Our testers all found the crystalizing ink quite fascinating to watch - it's like the coolest thing ever! First you use the ice markers to put a bit of colour on the foil disks provided - it won't look like much more than a pool of ink at this point, but just wait. That's probably the hardest part because the wet colour will smudge - and stain - if you touch it. It feels like forever, but the ink really only takes a minute or so dry - and that's when the ice magic happens. So make sure you're watching! Like the icy feathery swirls Jack Frost leaves on winter windows, this ink sends out crystalline patterns as it dries. The ice-like patterns look spectacular on the metallic paper discs, which showcase beautifully on the mobile you make from your decorated discs. Best of all, even the dry coloured swirls wipe off with a tissue, so you can start again if you don't like the way your pattern turns out. And as a bonus, ice markers work on other surfaces too: windows, mirrors, even clear plastic. But please note the stain advisory and take care where you let your child colour. Also note that the colour seems to liquify again when exposed to heat (like bright summer sunlight shining on a window). A very cool and unique craft! 




This is a very easy craft chandelier to make. The chandelier part is just slip on and the pieces you can put on however you want. It makes a big mess because of the popped-out pieces but it's totally worth it because it comes out so pretty. You have to have patience to wait for the marker to crystallize because if you don't and turn it over, the marker will rub off. It takes a couple hours to finish.If it is put in a hot place it will uncrstallize and you will have to redo it.



I really like my chandelier, it is so pretty and it sparkles. I like that we could color both sides of the circles and that we could do whatever we wanted. If I didn't like how a circle turned out, or I wanted another color, I just need to wipe it and start again. Oh! talking about color, I wish there where more markers.



It's so cool how the marker ices over when you draw on the discs. There should be more than 3 colours even though you can colour the colours on top of each other. It turns out really pretty.



It is really cool how the ice is formed  and it's not cold so I don't know how it works.  What is in those markers?  I like to see the color dry and become like a crystal. 



This is like a science experiment!  I wish there where more colors to see how they would all dry and form the ice-like formation.  I can't wait to see how it's done, but I really like looking at the "ice" form.  I like that we can erase and restart the circle.  If you put a 2nd color on top f another one, the marker tip will be black, so I would not recommend that. Sometimes the ink comes out a little at a time and then whoosh lots would come out.   It is really cool.



It is so cool when the marker ices over and makes everything look like ice.  The colours are pretty but there should be more markers.  It is fun to decorate. 


Marie-Lise H.


Great activity.  how the ink dried and became like an Ice formation fascinated all the kids.  The actual finished craft was nice to look at.  The markers could be used on windows and mirrors and created the same ice effect.

Joyce S.


My kids spent half the time drawing and the other half watching the drawings ice over. You do have to be careful that the discs don't get smudged. Very cool and easy to do.

Rebecca Y.


What a neat thing to watch! It really looks like ice crystallizing. My daughter sat and did the whole chandelier in one sitting (about an hour or two) and it turned out so well. We loved watching the markers do their thing.


Manufacturer Description

Maya’s Ice Chandelier is a fun way to add a touch of cool class to any room. Create custom designs that crystallize like ice with the Ice Markers…then link it all together and hang it up! 

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