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Crayola Pop Art Pixies Metallic Lantern


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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I loved decorating my lantern and it looks great in my room. The only challenge was putting it together, my mom had to help me.



This lantern was easy to make on my own. It came with a bunch of stickers to decorate it and I liked the different tracing patterns. The silver marker that came with the kit was sparkly and shimmery. When I finished the lantern, I realized that the light actually changed different colours. The only disappointment was that I had to get batteries. It would have been good if the batteries were included. I would recommend this toy to my friends.



The lantern was very pretty and easy to put together. The designs got annoying to trace but came out looking good. The lights are really cool in the dark. I like that it comes with the designs that you can trace.



I like that I could draw when I wanted, I also followed the stencils. After I was done, we turned on the light underneath and it was quite pretty. It makes a nice decoration in my room.


Liz H.


This was a great kit. My daughter (Allison, 9 yrs) uses her lantern every night as a night light. Sometimes her little brother (5 yrs) asks if he can borrow it because he thinks its pretty neat too. I loved the fact that my daughter could do the entire craft on her own. She was able to read and follow the instructions and diagrams. Everything that is needed is in the kit. I also like that girls can design the lantern with their own unique style. I also felt that this product was very fairly priced. The one downside that my daughter noted, was that it would be nice if batteries were included.

Marie-Lise H.

It looks quite pretty and it was easy for Mia (F9) to do. At first she copied her pictures upside down, so it's good that it's easy to erase and restart. I had to put it together for Mia. She couldn't wait for the lights to go on. It looks nice when it's lit up.

Laura V.


I would recommend it she had a great time and it is so cute. It does require 3 AAA batteries but she felt great about the finished product and it works well.


Manufacturer Description

Light up your room and show off your unique style! Create dazzling designs with the tracing sheets, stickers and Metallic Marker.Erase and redraw with the marker and reposition the stickers for endless design possibilities.Hang it up then light it up for a cool multicolour glow!

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