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Crayola Washable Multi-Colour Sidewalk Chalk


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $3.99

MSRP (USD): $3.99

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I really like this chalk, I had never used one like that before, when I use it flat I get all the colors, so when I write things out, all the lines are equal and it takes 5 times less time to make a multicolor line. If I want, I can use either the green or the blue 'cause they are on the end.



I like the different colours. I like that on each stick, the pattern of the colours is different, that is neat. The shape is also neat. Some of the colours break off the stick. I like making a line that has many different colours and it is fun to write words using this chalk.



I can't get all the colours to show at once. I like the pointed chalk better.



Love this new chalk and the colours are neat. it is a neat shape. I never had square chalk before.



It was hard to hold this chalk to make all 4 colours show at once. I can really only get one colour to show. I wish the chalk sticks at sharpened points instead of being rectangular.



It was really cool. I called it rainbow chalk. The only problem is that the chalk stick wears down quickly.



I liked this chalk, there are 5 colors in 1. It was a little difficult to hold the chalk, it's not round like the others and if I held it normal I would use up the green side faster than the other colors


Orietta M.


Love this new dimensional chalk. created a buzz in the chalk box as everyone- mom and dad and daughter- wanted to try the multi coloured, different shaped chalk. Neat concept. Just adds variety to an already fun activity. Now if anyone can invent a chalk that doesn't make us all dirty I would be amazed!

Marie-Lise H.

Compared to other sidewalk chalks, I liked this one better, becuse the kids (M9, F10, M11, F13) ended up writing more than just drawing. The chalk is easy to hold and it is easily washed off. There is a lot of chalk for the price. They enjoyed seeing what happened when you held the chalk one way or another so the colors would change.

Jennifer Y.


I like the rainbow of colours that appear with one swipe of the chalk. The children (F5) and (M8) found the square prism difficult to use and prefer the regular chalk with the sharpened point. The chalk needs to be held upright to see all colours. The kids hold the chalk on an angle and were frustrated when their strokes did not show the rainbow.

Alice H.


I liked this chalk package. It encouraged my daughter(7) to write and spell words on the driveway. It added variety to sidewalk chalk options.

Julie J.


An interesting twist on regular driveway chalk. The kids seemed to enjoy writing words with it most of all.


Manufacturer Description

Create huge outdoor art or messages with bright, multicolored chalk sticks! Each stick is layered with 4 different colors of chalk for multiple color lines with each stroke. And when you’re done, simply spray away with water! Includes 5 sticks of Multicolor Sidewalk Chalk. 

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