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Crazy Forts Glow-in-the-Dark

Crazy Forts

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $54.99




What I like about it is that you can build with it and when you put a bed sheet over, it gets dark and the balls glow and that's pretty cool. What I don't like about it is that the balls become unattached from the sticks and then you have to repair it. There wasn't enough balls (there were enough sticks usually)to make a really good fort. You would have to use 2 sets to make the fort you really want (or if you want another friend, you really need 2 sets). I think the price is too expensive. If I were paying for this with my own money, I wouldn't pay that much.



The rods on this fort building kit were too short and they didn't fit with our other fort kit we had. My sister made me a few cool forts for my dolly and me to sit it. I also made a cool looking flower out of a ball and sticks.



I like this kind of toy. It was fun to build the forts for my sister. The rods were too short and made the structure too small so I couldn't fit into the fort



It was a little hard to make it, but it was fun to go inside. Next time maybe they should get more balls and more sticks because the fort was too small.



I like the idea of it, but it's hard to build it because it's hard to put the sticks and balls together and make the right shapes and to put the shapes together. Also, once it was built it was a little bit too small because my two sisters and me couldn't really fit in it. It was even too small for just me because I had to crouch way down. It was difficult to take it apart when we had to clean up.



I would give it an 8 because it's kind of not that big for the set. The forts break pretty easy becuase the balls come out from the sticks. The blankets also come down really easy. It is fun to play in the fort and I like playing in the fort. The other problem is that there is not encough balls and sticks to make big forts like I want to.



Pre-Build: Daddy, this is so cool. We can build a fort and it will glow, we can hide in it. During Building: Daddy this is too hard for me to build, it doesn't line up right. Can you help? Post-Build: Aww, man. It doesn't all glow in the dark, just the balls. It's not very bright.


Mike R.

We really enjoyed this toy. It's not the sort of thing that your kids will be building every day, but with four configurations (more if you have two sets) there is variety. Also, once a configuration is built, kids can get lots of ongoing entertainment from it. My kids played toys inside, had 'camping' trips, etc. Despite really liking the toy, as a parent I'd be hard-pressed to justify the price of it. The only two cautionary comments I can level on the toy. More of the toy should have glowed in the dark. Even at night, there really wasn't much glow to speak of. Second, this is NOT a toy that can be assembled easily by 4-6 year-olds. Markings/instructions could have made it easier, but as it stands even I made a few mistakes. Last note, the forts have plenty of room for one child, but is a little cramped for 2.

Julianne B.


This wasn't a great toy for us. We have a similar fort building set of our own and thought we could combine them. Unfortunately they were from 2 different companies and the ball and rods were different sizes and didn't fit together. The length of the rods were a bit short so the forts we could make were a bit small. This toy is much better suited to the under 4 crowd who can actually fit into the fort. My 5 year old could just fit, but it was way too small for my 9 year old. The glow in the dark feature is cool, but you need to leave the connector balls out in the light before they will work. This didn't work so well for us as we have a small play area and really couldn't leave the toy out overnight because it woudl be in the way.

Kim M.


Love the creativity. The frustration was that there were not enough balls to make the structures they envisioned.

Stacey F.

Based on their love of pillow forts, I thought my kids (F2, F5 & F7) would love this toy. But the kids didn't feel like it was so much fun/worth their time: both the effort required to put it together (the pieces were a bit stiff and required a fair bit of force for them to go together), and the result being a relatively small fort. Back to the old-fashioned pillow-forts for us!


Manufacturer Description

Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary world. And Crazy Forts makes play so easy and so much fun. Simply connect the balls and sticks and cover the structure with bedsheets to create places where imaginations flourish. Durable, portable and best of all, there's no batteries required.

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