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Creative Cooks Kitchen

The Step2 Company

Age: 2 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $251.99

MSRP (USD): $199.99

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I like that I can cook soup on the stove and use the microwave! My puppy likes to have a snack while I cook too.


Cathy M.


Great kitchen, very large so need a good space to put it in. There are particularities not usually found in other kitchen such as dog bowls, recycle bin, coffee maker, spice rack. The fridge/freezer is a large size and therefore good for storing dishes or food (not included). That being said, there is not a lot of storage for the several dishes and pots and pans included (and others that are bound to find their way in there). The cabinet above the freezer may not be reachable for 2 year olds but it isn't a problem for my 4 year old. Also noteworthy is that the sink is non-removable so although quite large. Not much counter space for prepping pretend meals. My 4 year old daughter solved this problem by putting one of my plastic cutting boards over the sink to add counter space.

Amandip C.


My son (2) still enjoys this kitchen very much and has not lost interest in it at all. In fact, I think he enjoys it even more now that he has become familiar with all the dishes and pulls up chair to heat up his food in the microwave and feeds it to his 9 month old sister.

Jennifer L.

There are plenty of interative ways to play, the kitchen is big enough to accomodate quite a few children and the kitchen is quite stable. Olivia (f6) set the table while Heath and my nephew Zach (both 2yr) 'made dinner'. Logan (m1) just made a raquet in the kitchen and explored every little nook and cranny. He had fun hiding all the elements in the stove and fridge. The dog bed and food dish are an addition I've not seen in a toy kitchen yet, but the kids were a little disappointed that there was no dog in the box. Everything else that was on the picture was there... but no toy dog. Needless to say, no one wanted to go to bed last night. I think this toy is going to be a winner!

Krista M.

Great kitchen!! My daughters (F2, F4) love that there is a pet area and have been having fun feeding their puppies and kittens while they cook. The fridge and freezer hold a lot and the sink is very large. My youngest (F2) has been having a lot of fun washing dishes with the towel and can reach the microwave, which we thought would be too tall for her. My eldest (F4) enjoys putting the food pieces we have in the fridge, spinning the spice rack and cooking on the bubbling stove. I like the extra storage and the spice rack, as well as the cupboard for dishes.


Manufacturer Description

This bright and cheerful kitchen creates smiles all around. Detailed with a colorful backsplash, farmhouse sink and working shutters; the kitchen is equipped with an electronic stove, microwave and phone. Its large design is perfect for several kids to play together, as well as allowing for the easy storage of the 39 piece accessory set. This kitchen is great for learning and playtime. 

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