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The iconic toy has had a major safety overhaul. Gone are the harmful chemicals that made the classic version a poster child in the awareness campaign against toxic chemicals in plastics*. PVC-free, BPA-free, Phthlate-free and containing no lead, this ducky is safe for your tot. And, it won't poison the bath with harmful organic sludge either, because the new design pops open so you can clean and dry it, preventing trapped moisture from becoming a breeding ground for nasty guck. This Ducki floats well, and bobs around in the bath enticing baby's attention. But gone are the squeaks and squirts that so delight and hold the interest of older kids. Nevertheless, it's a good, healthy choice for babies - especially those that still like to taste their toys. *Read more about toxic plastics in Slow Death by Rubber Duck, by Rick Smith, Bruce Lourie & Sarah Dopp.




It`s cute! This is perfect for baby Maelle. I like that it opens up.



I love it- it`s great! It`s yellow! It goes in the bath! It has eyes on it! It has a head! It floats like a boat! Hello ducky!


Cari H.


We love this duck!! My baby chews on its head all the time - her favourite teething toy by far. I love that I can pop him into the dishwasher to get him really clean, and the bottom opens up to get rid of any excess water. Go ducky!!

Ruth B.


I loved the DANO circus rings and looked forward to this toy for that reason. The packaging and the toy itself "said" I am environmentally conscious. My kids were immediately interested in the duck. I like the idea that the bottom of the duck opens up to let water drain; so many bath toys become really gross inside... But, the duck does not stay closed very well, so it is usually open which makes it a great scoop for displacing water (usually out of the bath). I wish the toy stayed closed better.

Megan B.


I've given Dano a 7/10 as a bathtime rating based on the fact that he's easy to clean and safe for chewing but no higher than 7 because Logan doesn't show any extra interest in him over any other duck...Logan at 5 months LOVES his bath but is just not into bathtoys yet and prefers to grab my finger to try and suck on instead of a toy!

Jill B.


This is a good-sized, basic rubber ducky with many added benefits to other rubber duckies. I love that it's PVC-Free, BPA-Free, Lead-Free and Phthalate-Free. I also love that it opens up for cleaning and air-drying (really don't like when water gets trapped in other bath toys), and that it is dishwasher-safe! The teething feature is also great for little ones. If the bottom is closed properly the duck floats well. My baby (6 weeks old) is still too young to "play" with it, but she notices it in the bath. My other kids (ages 4 and 2) love to play with it in the bath.


Manufacturer Description

The DANO Ducki is a unique bath toy that is made in the USA.

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  • -Medical grade teether, 2 teething surfaces: the tail and the beak.