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Deluxe Easy Weave Fleece Blanket

Creativity for Kids/Faber-Castell

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

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A cozy craft, and a great first weaving project with lots of kid-appeal - very popular with our testing families! There's no loom to thread, and everything is pre-cut - all ready for you to get started right away. All you need to do is slip the fleece strips over and under the cuts in the blanket - just under 30 rows of them. Then finish up by weaving each end into its neighbor to create a braid-like border. Your 3 x 5 foot (89 x 147 cm) blanket is pretty cozy at this point, but if you feel like more crafting, the kit provides narrow strips fleece to embellish your blanket with bows and pom poms.




I loved making the blanket. It was fun to make pompoms and the other stuff. What I didn't like is that it says no cutting and no tying on the box, but it comes with scissors and it says to tie on the instructions!



So fun to weave the pieces of fabric through the blanket. I did it all once and then undid them cause I changed my mind on colours! the blanket is super soft and cozy.



I like this blanket. It is very soft and big enough I can snuggle up nicely. I had fun making it. I wish I could have cut the strips but it was easy to weave.



It's fun because we get to work together at opposite ends. It took a long time and a lot of hard work but now it looks awesome! We even had to restart rows a few times to get the pattern right. It fits nice on my bed and it's really soft.



This blanket was a lot of fun. I liked that I could make it while watching a movie and no one helped me. It took me a while and I had lots of fun. Its a warm snuggly blanket nd it will keep me warm on movie nights.


Mike R.


This craft was made by my two boys E8 J7 for their baby sister. It was a fun craft done mostly on their own, but did need some parental assistance towards the end with cutting and tying. Everything was done well with this craft - instructions were great, just the right amount of materials, good quality. The only caveat is the cheap pair of scissors that we promptly discarded. The end product is something that looks like it will last, and is very unique.

Rikki M.

A great craft for our family. Both Lily and Rose ( F7, F6 ) took part in creating this blanket. It was easy to weave and seems semi durable. I would like if the strips attached better but overall a great project that gives the girls pride of ownership and pride of creativity. They did not need my assistance in any way for this craft. This is a great rainy day craft that will keep the kids busy for a few hours and allows for pride of craftsmanship. There is no mess created during crafts and you can stop and restart as needed. Once the craft is completed there is a lasting memory that can be actively used when needed. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for any crafty family.

Tammy W.

The instructions are perfect! They even give practical advice such as telling your friends the pattern or plan before getting started on it together. I love that this craft turns out to be a useful blanket. Scissors are included which is a bonus. The craft is easy for both f5 and f7. They did need a bit of help with the pompoms and tassels. What a fun craft and the blanket turned out fabulous! They really enjoyed taking the time to weave the strips through the slits. The weaving takes quite a while so we took breaks in between. They needed help with the outer edge and the bows and tassels. Ava f7 brought the blanket in for show and tell day at school and sleeps with it every night. This is one of my favourite crafts I've seen the girls do.

Cathy M.

This is a great craft project. The blanket is very soft, the colours of the fabric to weave in is fun and varied and there are plenty of other fabrics/ribbons to decorate after the weaving is done. My daughter (almost 7) really enjoyed working on this weaving blanket. It is a craft that you can start and stop as you wish. Everything fits back in the box for putting away. Wonder if the blanket would stand the test of the washing machine.

Julie J.

A fun projct to work together on with our 7 year old. She had no problem starting this blanket craft all by herself (first 2 hours completed about 1/4 of the blnket), we just needed to clear off a big enough flat surface for her to work on. The instructions were very easy to follow and she needed little direction other than help pre-planning her pattern and tying the tassels on the corners. I really like that it makes something useful for her when we are done!


Manufacturer Description

Big kids, little kids, even moms and grandmas will love our Easy Weave, No-Sew woven fleece blanket kit. It’s colorful, cozy and so easy to do! No tedious tying necessary, just use the pre-cut fleece base along with the Easy Weave fleece strips. Finish off your blanket with a trendy woven edge – just loop and go. Make colorful pom-pom and tassel embellishments using more fleece strips and tool. Finished quilt measures 58” w x 35” h

Model Number

# 1300

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  • 50+ pre-cut strips