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Digits in a Box Brainteaser Puzzle

Popular Playthings/Huntar Company, Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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It's a good thing this puzzle comes to you solved, or you might think there's no solution. A few of our parent testers managed to get all the plastic 3D numbers back into the tiny box it came in,  but the task was well beyond any of our kid-testers. And because it's so difficult to solve, it's also hard to store. Our testing parents agree, it should come with and an extra bag to store all the pieces. 




When I got this puzzle I was super excited to open it up and get working!!  I never got around to it though.  Eventually I opened it up and took out a couple of pieces, after a long time I had gotten 2 pieces back into the box but couldn’t get the 3rd in.  I think this would be a great gift for children ages 8 and up and if you really like challenges then you should definitely try this.  I would rate it a 6 since it looks very exciting, but to be honest it intimidated me.  I was afraid that after I got it open I wouldn’t be able to get the pieces back in the box.  So if you really like puzzles then you should definitely try this



It's fun because I don't remember how it came in the box and no one can find out, so it's hard to figure out.



I took this game out, emptied box, but it didn't seem fun. I didn't like trying to put them back in. I never played it again.



The numbers are fun to play with and try to combine them, but when it comes to putting them in the box and making them all fit inside! that's hard!



I like playing with numbers.  I don't know whow to put all the numbers insie the box but I like to try.  I like that the pieces all fit into each other, it's like magic!



I like that the pieces slip on to each other and that it's a great challenge. Lots of people who came to our house tried to put it together but no one can do it! One thing I don't like is that if you want to take it somewhere, it's a lot of pieces and since we couldn't solve it, we couldn't fit it back in the box! Maybe once I get it, I'll be able to have more comments, but right now, all I know is that this thing is really hard!



It's a patient but satisfying game.Easy to carry around, I can just pull it out in a waiting room,bus or even in class.

One of the very good thing about is that you can make it in any random shape outside the box.as long as it's not your teacher



It's way to hard to do. It says that there are 400 solutions but so far none of us have come up with any of them. It's frustrating.


Golda W.


It's fun to fiddle with, but no one (of any age) has managed to figure out any of the "hundreds" of solutions, so that was quite a bit disappointing.

Pamela P.

Adult Tester

Love this puzzle - but not much long term appeal. Really needs a small velvet bag to store the unused pieces.

Jennifer B.


I thought this looked like a great, small, travel game at first. However, it didn't seem to catch the kids attention. A bunch of numbers that look like the toddler magnetic numbers you put on fridge, is not very appealing. The kids didn't touch this game after first initial play. It was difficult to do aswell.

Joyce S.


From age  9 to 83, no one solved this puzzle.  We all had fun trying (some more fun than others).

Laurie T.


Tia (F13) was excited to try this but would get nervous everytime she took more than one our of the box.  At one point she took a couple out and put them back in and said, "there I've solved it!"  I think that taking them all out and then trying to out them back in would be quite the feat!!!

Krista M.

Adult Tester

The numbers are bright, colourful and sturdy. The concept is great. I found it more challenging to complete then my husband, he managed to do it a few times with different solutions. The only downside I found was storing the numbers when you hadn't had time to complete the puzzle, they were loose and if one was lost, it would ruin the game.

Rebecca Y.


My husband finally solved this one, but it was definitely one of the most challenging puzzles I've seen. I don't like that it claims to have over 4000 solutions since I have a feeling those are all based on the same basic solution, but with a couple of the pieces switching places. But after trying to figure this out, thinking there were that many solutions and still being unable to solve it made it that much more frustrating! I don't think the kids would ever be able to figure this one out, so I would definitely recommend raising the age to 12+ (even though my 6 year old tried to solve it as well!). The website showed different challenges and I think having more things to do than just putting it in the box keeps its appeal. I'm not sure why they didn't package it with those.

Marie-Lise H.


Quite the intriguing puzzle, it doesn't look very hard until you try it! 400 ways to solve it, HA! I got one way and I impressed my kids. But it's fun to see how much the kids liked playing with the numbers even without trying to solve the puzzle, just manipulating the numbers.


Manufacturer Description

Can you fit all the numbers back in? First, spill the ten digits (0-9) from the box and give them a scramble. Then, place the pieces back in the box so that the lid closes flat. There are over 4000 possible solutions. Happy Puzzling! 

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