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Disney•Pixar Cars World Grand Prix SPLASH SPEEDWAY™ Track Set

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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A simple play set that adds extra fun for your Hydro Wheels vehicles (see our separate review for the Hydro Wheels vehicles). One family really enjoyed the set so it defintely has fun potential. However, the toy received low marks from our other testing families. The set does float fairly well, but is easily swamped when kids are moving around in the water. The pull-out, bendy yellow course lines allow flexibility both to the length and shape of the race course. A good enhancement for the tub, or summer wading pool. Note: Despite the racing theme, and the picture of two vehicles on the box, the set includes only one vehicle. Additional vehicles are sold separately. We're assuming that the "3 Track designs" feature refers to pull-out, bendiness of the yellow pieces rather than actual set-up configurations, as there is really only one way to put this set together, and it doesn't look like the configuration is designed for add-on track pieces. 




The track didn't work very well. McQueen was cool but he didn't go very far in the water.



It does not really work well.



I really like playing with McQueen but the track is not very good.



I like that I can stretch the track all the way out and McQueen can swim beside me.


Krista M.

Super easy to set this track up and it floats fairly well. It does tend to sink a little when the cars are put onto the ramp, so gentle hands are needed, but this hasn't frustrated my daughters (F4.5, f3) nor my daycare kids (f4, f5, m4, m7 m2). Both the car that came with the set and the extra car we are testing fit easily beside eachother. The gate holds the cars in place without the tires spinning so there is plenty of spin left to race. I like that the track stretches out like a bendy straw so it can be various lengths and twist and turn. It's a really fun design and super easy to change! The sickers have all stayed on and the track has been left floating for a while, in the sun and in a bucket. The cars dry really quickly to come back in the house for inside play. My group was excited to try it out and I like that it works for all the ages.

Ruth B.


This toy is a great idea, but did not work as expected, based on the box.

Sylvie S.

The speedway is really cheap-looking and barely stays afloat. Malik (M4) has a hard time rolling the car back and putting it back in the water before the wheels are done turning, therefore just leaving the car floating in the water where he first placed it. Even when I try it, the car does not move much and never makes it to the end of the speedway when its fully extended out. Not impressed with this toy.

Julie Q.

The race track was easy to put together and all three of our boys (5, 5, and 22 months) recognised the characters. It floated pretty well and the boys enjoyed trying to make the car go. The palm trees keep falling off and our boys (5 & 5) have started removing them before using the track. Unfortunately, the set only includes one car and they all quickly lost interest because of that. Also because the car does not move very fast.


Manufacturer Description

World Grand Prix Splash Speedway Featuring DisneyoPixar CARS*: Kids' favorite characters from DisneyoPixar Cars make a huge splash with this bath-time play set! Not only do the tubes float in water, but they are bendable and expandable to allow kids to customize the track. They can create a different shape or lengthen the track to its full extent. With side-by-racing and a finish arch, the winner can be celebrated and the loser left all wet. Includes 1 Hydro Wheels Lightning McQueen vehicle.

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Item #: X9744

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