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Moose Toys

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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Unbelievable kid-appeal! Our kid-testers realy enjoyed making and eating these gross out treats. Parents, on the other hand, were not fans: the fact it's messy and a major junk food fest topping the list of what not to like. And yet all that disapproval pales in comparison to the sheer kid-thrill this toy seems to deliver. But note that your supervision is a must, both to read the instructions and to ensure accurate measurements so you get the best results. And be prepared for the mess, because this activity is not only messy to do, everything needs to be thoroughly scrubbed each time its played with, and some of the harder to clean things needs a good soaking first. Note: It really helps if you've some zip-lock bags to store the ingredients until the next zombie banquet.




If I say something is toally gross am I allowed to say it tastes good?  the zombie brains where disgusting, after I got brave and tasted it, well I made Kai taste it first, I ran home and made my dad taste it.  I didn't tell him what it was before and it was so funny to see his face after!  this makes a great joke.  I want to have it on Hollowe'en, it would be great and gross



Yuck!!!! Look at that brain spilling everywhere! im going to eat it all!



The puke has 2 layers and the chunks stay on top, thats disgusting! I thought the candy would taste good but only the skin and spider and worm do. Mom has to help measure especially the puke. I want to make some for all my friends.



Can I make Zombie brains and bring them to school... are there peanuts in brains ?



"When can we do Dr. Dreadful again?"  "Mom, I would like to go over to John's house to play Dr. Dreadful again!"



Tbhis was fun!  I made zombie brains...they where good but uuugh gross!  I like squirting stuff the eyeball and then eat it, yuck! but good!


Tammy W.


Blaze m5 loved the gross factor and the fact that the toy had candy in it. He was a bit disappointed in the taste of the puke and brains. the toy requires adult help for a 5 yr old and needs to be washed in and out after each use. i didnt like that the mixes came in nonresealable baggies. Happy to see expiry dates on the mixes. The toy is exciting for this age group.

Marie-Lise H.


The activity we all really liked was the zombie brain.  The other activities too longer to clean up than it was to enjoy.  The concoctions  actually taste good which is a surprise considering how it looks.

Jennifer S.

My son loved this toy and has asked to play with it more than I have let him because it's messy and requires clean up. You will need to assist them in the various experiments, with reading the instructions and proper measurement, warm water, etc. but they will love it.


Manufacturer Description

Bubbling brains, snot shots, bugs and body bits! Boys are going to go crazy for the chance to unleash their inner mad scientist with Dr. Dreadful. The top selling and disgusting dreadful snack labs from the 90s are back and this time they are even better than ever. Become Frankenstein at home and eat everything your make! From zombie blisters to belly brew, ear wax snacks or slimy bugs, all Dr Dreadful treats can be created with water - no heat required. All Dr Draedful kits are also slef-contained so they are ready-to-make off the shelf. Dr Dreadful - loks gross, tastes great!

Year Introduced



  • Net Wt 1 Bug Mix 2.11 oz (60g)


  • Includes 1 Zombie Head 2 Tools 5 Pouches of Food 1 Cup