Age: 3 to 8 years

MSRP (CAD): $4.99

MSRP (USD): $3.99

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Useful as a quick grab-and-go when you're rushing out the door and want soemthing to keep the kids busy while you're out. Our testers were a little suprised to find that the toy is simply a roll of blank paper, as many had seen similar products with pre-printed colouring pictures and activities. The included crayons were not great, and kept breaking, so several families substituted with their own. A number of our kid-testers enjoyed the extra long paper for drawing banners and long roads for their toy cars. 




I liked drawing pictures with my cousin Hanna (5 yrs.). It was cool how the paper rolled out. My mom brought it places when we went out.



I like drawing and I can take this with me. I can share with my sister on a big piece. She can't bother me.



It's so long, I can draw long, long lines.



I liked that I could write all my friends name on a banner, even the ones with long names.



I like that you can make a really long picture on the paper but its better if you ask your mom to rip it. Mom let me put the little roll in my backpack for me to color on the school bus because i'm there for a long time but the crayons brake easily when I draw with them.



F4 is a child i babysit. She played with this for 2 - 5 mins. She said she liked it. It was fun!


Jo M.


The doodle rolls are not generating any interest. My 4 year old and 6 year old daughters have only coloured on them twice and haven't be interested in playing with them again. The crayons are getting much more use than the rolls. We have both the small and large roll and the size doesn't seem to make a difference to them. The larger roll came with 8 crayons as opposed to the 4 that came with the smaller roll. The quality of the crayons is good. We have had rolls before but they had pictures on them to be coloured and those were much more popular. The paper quality is also good but once it is out of the package it is easily unrolled and left unrolled so quite a mess. I have an elastic around them to keep them rolled up. Perhaps this would be good to take on a trip or to a restaurant?

Jennifer L.

These rolls were thoroughly used on outings that we did [kids F6 & M8]. They are great to take along, although crayons need to be better quality and I would be open to the idea of buying a roll that had designs to color in on it as opposed to just the blank paper.

Cathy M.


The plain paper was a bit of a bore for my 4 year old daughter. She was looking for drawings like in her colouring books. The price is right, but Crayola makes the same type of roll for a few extra dollars with drawings and storage.

Jennifeer K.


Mackenzie, F5 and Brooklyn, F9 have enjoyed making pictures with this paper roll and crayons. Brooklyn made a large banner for her grandmother's birthday. The girls became frustrated with how easy the crayons broke.

Julie J.


Regular paper and crayons seem to do a better job than this re-packaged version of colouring

Marie-Lise H.


My kids (M8, F9, M10 & F12) just like using it for specific activities, like banners. We have used it in a restaurant, but then any paper could be used to play tic-tac-to.

Crystal M.


I think this is a great toy for on the "go" easy & compact to pack up and head out. When this kids need something to do you can just let them be creative and enjoy this paper & crayon set

Liz H.

I loved how compact and handy it was. We used it on several occasions -when going out to the restaurant, in the car, at soccer games, etc. It was easy to grab when on the go. The paper and crayons store away in the holder. The best use of this activity was when we went out for brunch with 5 children (F2, F5, F9, M4, M7)! It was great for a wide range of ages. It kept the kids busy and allowed the adults to chat. This product is priced fairly and is great for families on the go!


Manufacturer Description


The Doodle Roll® is the most versatile & portable arts & crafts activity kit! This all-in-one kit contains a roll of paper and crayons in a compact package that doubles as a handy dispenser. Perfect for creative fun on the go anytime, anywhere! The Doodle Roll® is available in two sizes with a safe ez tear edge.

The Doodle Roll® ( is manufactured by Imagination Brands Co., LLC, a small US based company and Made-in-the-USA. They are competing in WalMart’s “Get on the Shelf” contest and they need lots of votes. If they win, their products may be available both online and in WalMart stores across the country. Vote via Facebook & Text Message every day from now until April 3rd.  Please bookmark this site and vote daily:

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