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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Our testing families all love the new see-troguh, light-up drawing board. In fact most of our testing kids - including younger siblings - liked just drawing on it, and mny of them prefer this to playing the game. Like so many draw and guess games, the game itself was a challenge for many of our kid-testers. But it's great party game, with plenty of appeal to adult gamesters. 




I like just drawing on the board and playing that way. It is easier than using the cards because they are sometimes hard to read.



The tablet is so cool. It glows! I like drawing on it, but sometimes my family can't guess what I've drawn.



I really liked this game. I had a lot of fun playing with it with my family. I learned to draw really fast so others could guess what I drew. it was a lot of fun to have this competition. even when I didn't play with the family I would just draw on the board. it is really neat drawing on it with the pencil they have.



The big pencil case is very cute and has a place for the pen and cards. I like that the timer is part of the board and the sounds that it makes when it counts down. We played the game where one person drew and everyone guessed. Some things are really hard to draw and some things were really funny - like how my grandfather drew sponge bob. It was fun.



I like to draw on the board and not really play the game, I didn't know half of what was on those cards. and once you use a card where do you put it?



It's fun to play at the start but it gets boring real fast, the longest part was finding a card we could draw. I am good at drawing but I didn't know how to draw most of the things on the card. Although how they didn't guess "space" I have no idea, my picture was awesome.



It is very hard to guess what the person is drawing, even if it's an easy clue. There are a lot of cool clues, but I need the time limit to be longer. Guessing using the back of the cards is really hard and is not useful for me. The board is really cool though.



Our whole family played it together and we couldn't stop laughing. It was really neat how the picture erases. Sometimes I just like using the board to draw instead of playing the game.


Marie-Lise H.

The kids ( 9, 10, 11, 13) really enjoyed the writing on the transparent board very well. The timer was aggravating as most of the stuff to draw in incredibly hard. How would a 10 yr old draw a GPS..or Levi's ( I mean for us adults Jeans are Levi's but not to kids anymore) and Gandalf...seriously, who could draw that! we ended up going through the cards until we found something we could draw. and for my youngest who doesn't read english, he would just pick something easy to draw.. like cat, dog etc.

Rebecca Y.

A very cute twist on pictionary, where you draw on a lit-up screen and it times you as well. The only twist is that the back of the card has the mixed-up word so it gives you a clue as to the answer. We (kids M8, M9 & F12) like the regular version of Pictionary better, since it was often hard to see the drawings. The screen does not allow for intricate details on drawings, which makes it a little harder to draw. I don't see why they couldn't add a spot on the board for the deck of cards. Once the box is opened, it can't be used to store the game, so it makes it a lot harder to keep the board and the cards together.

Joyce S.

The drawing board was really fun to use and with the built in timer you didn't have to worry about watching how much time was left as it counted down the last few seconds. The things to draw had a big range of difficulty so it works for a lot of different ages. The kids (15, 12) just skipped the ones that they didn't understand. A nice new twist on a drawing game.

Kim M.

The drawing "tablet" was great - love the pencil shape of the drawing board, and the pencil shaped stylus. We (kids F7 & M11) all liked how you could draw on the board with either the stylus or your fingers and both worked well. Erasing the drawings were easy and the see through panel allowed the "drawer" to create while the "guessers" could watch simultaneously. The guessing cards were a little difficult to guess, and the timer was way too short. I couldn't even draw in that short time frame. The game worked much better when we ignored the timer (hard to do) and made up our own words.

Orietta M.


For the short time that our family tested it we had a great time playing the game and doodling on the board. It is an easy game to play and the apparatus is kind of cool. I love the shape of the toy, it makes it intriguing. I think many children will be drawn to this toy because of the look of the toy and the fact that you can doodle on a clear plastic and images come out.

Iwona V.

We (kids F6 & F10) all enjoyed playing this game. It was fun to draw and guess the word, lots of laughs. The tablet was cool. We only used the cards with the easy words to draw. Wish all the cards could be stored with the tablet.


Manufacturer Description

Draw the party together with the unscripted, spontaneous fun of one of the most popular social games from Zynga. The Draw Something Party game has a lightweight, illuminated tablet with click-and-clear technology. This not only provides fast and easy pass-and-play, but there is no paper to waste. Everyone can play at the same time, and enjoy the unpredictable and silly experience of this social party game. 

Get ready for some laughs with this hilariously fun Draw Something Party game. Everyone can play at the same time because it's easy to see what's being drawn on the illuminated drawing tablet. The screen has a drawing surface that clears with just a click, and lets you move quickly from one drawing to the next. The timer, sounds and convenient card holder add to the spontaneity and excitement of this social party game. Choose a word on the card to draw, and if a team member shouts out the answer, your team wins coins. But if your team is too slow, the other team can steal and earn the coins. The first team to earn 15 coins wins the game!

Toy Fair Press Release: Hasbro is introducing a new addition to the line up with DRAW SOMETHING PARTY – the game that’s sure to light up your party. Players can draw on the double-sided, glowing drawing screen with their finger, or the stylus included in the game as they draw their way to the win! In Hasbro’s DRAW SOMETHING PARTY game, players work together in teams as they draw clues and shout out guesses to earn coins. Teams race against a timer to win coins by guessing correctly. If time runs out, the other team gets a chance to win the coins! Similar to Hasbro’s DRAW SOMETHING game, players choose one of three words, ranging from easy to difficult. The more difficult the word, the more coins your team earns! Game includes one pencil-shaped DRAW SOMETHING PARTY drawing tablet, 180 cards, and one stylus.

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