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Dream Bakery™ Classy Cakes™


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $6.99




Sometimes I still play with the cupcakes when I have the tea parties for princesses. Too bad they easly fall apart and I have to clean a lot after.



OK to do but I wish I could do something with my cakes apart from having them on display, like being able to tie them to my backpack like the Whipple cakes.


Stacie C.

There was no way Jill [F6] could make her cupcakes look like the ones on the package, but once we had talked about what a kid could do versus an adult she was ok and enjoyed it a lot. She really got into making each one look different. It was messy and the gel was sticky, but not so terrible to tidy up. Jill used the cupcakes as part of her doll house after in a bakery!

Jo M.

Came with two cupcake holders and two doilies which worked out well so each of my girls (F4 & F6) could make one pretend treat. It also came with one box to put a cupcake in but the box needed to be built and there was no way my 6 year old girl could build it. The model magic is like a foam play dough. This craft came with brown, yellow and white model magic. The girls used the inserts to make the cupcakes with ease. With the left over model magic they could make a couple muffin tops as well. As the girls were modeling their cupcakes the brown model magic rubbed off on their hands and made a mess of the white once they starting working with it. The icing (dazzlers) were very messy and took a long time to dry. The dazzlers resulted in a huge mess on the table that was difficult to clean. I found the little beads a mess as well. It was very difficult if not impossible for the girls to make the frosted dots with the spatula tool. The pictures are not representative of what the kids were actually able to produce without the help of an adult. Much to my dismay the girls enjoyed the craft and would like to do more.

Marta W.


Again, I liked the concept of this toy but I did not like the execution. The material is soft and easy to handle for my 6 year old, but it dries super-fast. I guess that was the concept. The toy is only good for one time use. Once the cup cakes are made you are left w/accessories you can use with your regular play dough set. Not thrilled about it but again my daughter liked it.

Marie-Lise H.


Started out as really fun, but I didn't really like the mess I had to clean up. The drizzle went on Mia's ( f9 )clothes. The beads fell off after it was dried. I liked the "Whipple" craft better


Manufacturer Description

Create sweet looking decorations with the Crayola Dream Bakery.  Playful icings, sprinkles, glazes and more let your child dream up endless colourful designs. Dream Bakery treats make great gifts, dazzling display pieces, cheerful charms to wear or awesome accessories for large scale dolls. Realistic decorating including a whip cream tool, without all of the kitchen mess. Kids can create 3 petite cupcakes that can be displayed in the included cupcake tote.

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  • 1 Sprinkle Bead Set


  • Easy-to-use tools & decorations