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Dream Cakes


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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As much a toy, as it is a game. Our testers loved spinning and collecting layers to make completed cakes, but they also had lots of fun making their own freestyle creations - the more layers, the better! Beautifully illustrated on sturdy cardboard, testing parents loved the durability of the game and they were particularly impressed by the generous selection of double-sided cake pieces - LOTS of choice for cake decor, and plenty enough to share with younger siblings to keep them entertained making their own cakes alongside those playing the game.




Cakes, cakes and more cakes!!! This is my favorite game right now. I really like making all kinds of cakes, sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are pretty. I like to make really tall cakes. There are lots of fun toppers for the cakes, I never know which one to choose. I like the wedding topper the best and Mama really likes the fruit. I wish I could taste them all!



I'm making the prettiest tallest cake ever! I'm going to use all the pieces and see how tall it gets!



This toy is awesome. I liked all the different pretty decorated pieces and I especially liked the cupcake topper. I try to make really giant cakes using as many pieces as I can.


Elyse S.

This is a great game. My girls 3,4,6 were very excited to pop out all the pieces and start playing. Great vibrant colors and lots of pink!! The instructions were pretty easy to understand and my 4 and 6 year olds caught on right away. My 3 year old was happy just building cakes without actually playing the game for points. There were a lot of pieces so she was able to take a pile of them without affecting the game for the rest of us. The pieces are patterned on both sides so there are LOTS of design options. After 2 rounds the older girls had enough competition and just continued building cakes for fun for the next 30 mins or so. They had fun coming up with patterns and designs but most importantly making super duper tall multiple layered cakes. A perfect girlie game!!!

Allison M.

This was a fun quick game with lots of beautifully decorated durable pieces and easy to follow instructions. My 4yr old daughter loves the cake pieces. She is only a little bit interested in playing the game, but she is very interested in just playing with the cake pieces on their own. She loves the cupcake piece so much that she wants to buy the game for even just that piece. My 7 yr old son enjoys the strategy of the game, but we found that the game ended quite quickly. We can fit in a quick game in about 10 minutes, but as there were only a few ribbon cards the game never lasted longer then 2 cakes per person.

Sandra W.

Fun game which F5 really enjoyed since she liked the idea of creating her own cake. Lots of different designs on the tiers of cakes and toppers, so it is interesting to see what design/pattern she wants to make. F3 wanted to play too but it was hard for her to understand how many pieces or which part of the cake (tier, icing, plate, topper, etc) to choose. This is dependent on where the spinner lands. F3 was more happy just to choose cake pieces and make her own cake. The cardboard game pieces are colorful and there is a lot of detail to the decorated pieces (cake topper, tiers). Although F5 understood the rules of the game, she preferred to just create her own cake without playing the game. She also came up with her own matching game, which she played with F3. The box is small enough to store easily and all the game pieces fit inside the box.

Cathy M.

Fun, simple, creative game! This has become our go-to game this summer. It is a simple game, allows kids to use their creativity, and also to 'risk' making large cakes and lose them if not finished when the arrow ends up on spill. For my daughter (almost 6) it is more about the creativity than trying to win. The score cards are really a detail that we actually put aside after a few games cause we wanted to finish our cakes but there were no cards left. Sturdy pieces that are colourful and fun to look at. I would have preferred compartments in the box for sorting; both from a storing aspect and a play aspect (to keep the 5 piles of cake pieces separate). The piles of cake pieces end up everywhere on the table and get mixed up. This is the only reason it is losing a point for me. Other than this, it is great. Sturdy pieces, colorful, not too big to carry around on trips, etc.

Tammy W.

The girls F6 and F4 were super excited to try out this game. They had fun taking the pieces out of the cardboard and were ready to play, but the spinning wheel piece was broken so we couldn't put the wheel together in order to actually play the game. However, I believe they would love the game, as they are enjoying simply making the cakes out of all the many pieces included! The pieces are of great quality, I doubt they would ever break or crack.


Manufacturer Description

The creative cake-making game! From sprinkles and swirls to ribbons and roses, there’s something for everyone in this super-sweet bakery-inspired game – winning is just the icing on the cake! Players work on multiple cakes at a time – spinning the wheel to determine their pieces, stacking luscious layers and toppers to complete their cakes, and judging finished creations for points. With thousands of possible designs, the game is deliciously different every time you play! 

How to Play:

1. Players take turns spinning the wheel to determine the number and type of pieces they may pick from the pile.

2. After each turn, players place the pieces they can on one of many cakes they are creating, following the specific order outlined on the package.

3. Upon completion of a cake, players use the measuring stick to determine how many ribbon cards their cakes have earned.

4. Play continues until all ribbon cards have been distributed. The player with the most cards wins!

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