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Zoch Verlag/Lion Rampant

Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

Production Status: In Stores

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More abstract than most, the premise behind this game is trying to imagine picture cards as constellations. There is no guideline depicting the placement of stars, and players often imagine the constellation differently than others, adding an interesting dynamic to the game. Each round features four picture cards, and all but one player - the mortal - know which of the four is in play. Players take turns adding one of their stars to the growing constellation on the sky mat. As play progresses, the mortal player bluffs his star placement and tries to figure out which of the four pictures is being represented, while the other players observe and guess the mortal's identity. We found that pictures vary in how easy it is to imagine them as constellations, but overall this is a fun and somewhat unique gaming experience.


Manufacturer Description

Dreams is a game of perception and intuition with 72 large cards illustrated by eight different artists. In each round, four pictures are revealed. The players are gods who transfer one of these images onto the night sky as a new constellation of stars. Which one is transferred is determined in such a way that all players but one know the picture in question. The one who doesn't know which picture was chosen tries to remain undetected during the round. Star by star, the players now transfer the picture onto the night sky (i.e., the central mat) until all stars are placed. There is a good chance that different players will emphasize different aspects of the picture in question. After the placement phase, the "Gods" try to detect the "ignorant" player, while the ignorant player tries to name the picture that was chosen. The right balance between keeping the imposter in the dark and not giving the regular players cause for suspicion has to be struck...


  • Night Sky Central Mat

  • 72 Larger Cards: 18 Star Gems

  • 6 Wooden Player Tokens

  • 2 Cardboard VP Tracks

  • 6 Cardboard Voting Discs

  • 28 Cardboard Tokens

  • Rules and Instructions