Age: 6 years and up

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Incredible appeal and play value - so much so, that most of our testing familes were willing to put up with the physical flimsiness of the game set up. This race-to-the-finish game is VERY exciting to play. Our testers particularly loved that there was never a clear winner, as a single ball drop can cause such dramatic revesals of fortune. A roll of the die determines whether to move your marble forward, take the opportunity to strategically place/move one of the blue gates (which can help or hinder players), or if it's time to drop the big yellow ball - which will randomly barrel down one of the lanes (hopefully not the one you're on), knocking players in its path back to the start - or to the first blue gate if it's there.




This game was a lot of fun and we played many games like a championship. The rules didn't always say how the game was supposed to work, though. Like when the ball comes down, do you have to start at the beginning or just start from where your marble landed? I liked that until the game ended you never knew who would win, because that ball could come down and push you all the way back to the beginning! I lost a few games that way. What I didn't like was the back of the game kept falling. And it's not like you could just take that piece off and play anyway, the back needs to be there to drop the ball. When the back fell - and that was often - we had to start the game over because our pieces would move. That really wasn't fun at all. We tried to push the game to the wall to hold the back better. It helped, but then we couldn’t play where we wanted to, just that one spot.



I really like this game. It is easy to play and I like to play with my sister but my mom says to put it against the wall because I couldn't keep it standing up. I play with it all the time because I have it against the wall in my room but it makes noise when it falls apart and mom gets mad. But I like seeing where the ball will fall. I play by myself and with my sister, too - there is more fun when you play with a person. The rules are easy and I like watching the yellow ball go down the diferent paths.



This is so much fun! I like the blue obstacles, they make the others go around them and it gives me time to get ahead! I like it when the ball is dropped and it bumps the little marble so they have to go long as it is not my marble that gets hit!



When I have nothing to do, I like to play this game by myself a lot. I like to be in charge of all the marbles when I play by myself. I'm scared when the ball drops because my marble might go back to the start, but I can protect it with a gate. I just don't like this game with my brither. It makes me too mad when he drops the ball and it knocks my marble back to the start.



I played this game with my friend. We had so much fun racing the balls and keeping score. We couldn't stop laughing! I really like this game!



I like knocking off other peoples balls, but I don't like getting knocked off.



It's a fun and quick game to play. It's super easy to learn and I just love it when the ball drops and knocks Kai's marble back to the start... he gets so upset, I like to see him groan and carry on just as much as winning... No, winning is better.



It's cool that it is with marbles and that there are kind of power-ups on the die (the gates and the balls). I like that you can block people with gates and when you get to the top you have to survive the ultimate drop shot. There are 3 holes in the top of the tower, but you can't tell where it is going to go because it gets mixed up inside and bounces around. I like that there is lots of strategy.


Allison M.

I loved the concept of this game. It was a quick 10 minute game so you could easily play a couple of games. We often had time to play a quick game over breakfast before school. The kids loved the pinko aspect of the game and trying to use the blue bars to protect themselves from the drop. The game did have a couple of design flaws. The ball almost always dropped in one of the two outside rows and the top pinko part was very easy to knock over. Adding a bit of a tab at the back could have provided enough stability to prevent most tipping. We had an incident where the game knocked over my tea and it spilled over my adult friend and my daughter. Overall, the kids enjoyed the game quite a bit and would regularly ask to play it throughout our testing time.

Mireille S.

We lost interest in the Drop Shot game rather quickly, but it wasn't because the game wasn't fun or exciting. It was because the rules seemed unclear and left us guessing. We never knew if we were playing the way we were supposed to. The other big disappointing factor with the game was the fact that we had to keep putting it back together. The backdrop would tip over and had to be picked back up to play the game. The impact of the fall also often ended up moving our pegs, so we ended up having to start the game over. It's really too bad, this game had a lot of potential. The games were quick, exciting and offered very little predictability on a winner, because at any time, with the simple roll of the dice you could be forced to start over... (at least, that's what we think the rules meant!

Deniz M.

It is a very fun toy, but very easy to break. The back part is falling all the time and kids are calling us to fix it like every 2 minutes. Other than that, very clever and a good game.

Orietta M.

Firstly, Make sure this game is set up against a wall otherwise the game board keeps falling down. It is a fun and easy game to play. My kids (M7, F9) had fun with it. They kept trying hard to beat each other. They hate that the yellow ball can knock their man down. But I don't think the toy is worth $ is a bit pricey for this simple toy. Overall, not a keeper for me... too much distraction when it falls. You really need to keep it against the wall to work properly, and on the floor so it doesn't crash. Too flimsy.

Liz H.

This is a fun toy. Both my son ( Sean, 6yrs.) and daughter (Allison, 11 yrs.) have really enjoyed this toy. They loved playing the game with their friends.

Lisa G.

I will have to say that the pictures on the box make the game look way better than what's inside. Given that it's a poorer quality item I still must say that Zahra (F6) loves this game of chance and enjoyed being competitive. We all had an equal chance of winning - which is why overall it turned out to be a hit with her.

Marie-Lise H.

Fun and quick game to play. We ended up playing a best out of 5. The rules where a little confusing I found until we played the first game then it made sense to me. Playing with Kai (m9) is really fun, he is so expressive! When you put the ball on top of the track you never know when it will fall and which marble it will send back.

Jennifer Y.

A strategic game with the element of chance thrown in. Jack (M9) loves it. Chloe (F6) does not enjoy the possibility of her marble starting over if it gets knocked. I like the concept, I just think it could be executed better. The rules could be a bit clearer on how to use the gates and what happens when the dropped ball hits your marble. The game could also be of sturdier construction, as I thought the game seemed a bit flimsy (how the ramp and the back connect). The rules were confusing at first, but after playing the game a few more times and with a hint or two from The Noise on Toys... we had the rules figured out. Jack (M8) and Chloe (F6) get very excited when we play. They love the strategy combined with the uncertainty of the dropping ball. When the die shows a gate they move the gate to block an opponent's progression forward or to protect themselves from a dropping ball. The ball does not usually knock the marble out of its current position so we decided that if the ball hits your marble, you go back to the closest gate in your current row and if there is no gate, you go back to the start.


Manufacturer Description

Roll the die and strategically move past the gates, vertically or horizontally, to the top of the ramp. But watch out: A Drop Shot cn send anyone or everyone right bck to the starting positions!

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  • 4 marbles (i each of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow)