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Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $10.99

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A fun card game, for sure. But it's the pictures of Dweeb characters on the cards that made the game sooo popular with out testers - totally fun to look at, and even more fun to collect. Game play is fast-paced and exciting. Players take turns adding a Dweeb card to the growing grid of face-up cards. Place a matching card at the end of a line and you get to collect end cards and all the cards between them. Great value, and the very portable tin storage box keeps cards looking new. Easily played by kids younger than eight.




I did not like this game.  It is not like the other card games I like to play.  It is not something I would be interested in having myself.


Dovid W.


:) I love this game. I really enjoy it, and I've found it fun, whether or not I'm winning or losing. It can be played with someone older or younger, and there's enough luck in the game, that age (and experience,) isn't a determining factor. Since there's no writing on the cards, I think that the age level could be lower. It's a game for all ages.(:

Rhonda M.


I thought the description of the toy was interesting but I could not get interested in the game myself nor could Spencer or Alexandra.  I guess the appeal is just not there for them.

I did look online to get more information about how the game works but even that did not appeal to us.  It is supposedly fairly easy to play but the kids did not want to try it, even when I asked repeatedly.

I showed the game to my nephew who said it reminded him of War.  I thought he and Spencer might try it out but that did not work either.


Manufacturer Description

Meet the Dweebies! These uniquely colorful characters are out to capture your heart, but you must capture them first! Round up Dweebies by matching cards on both ends of any row. Seems simple at first... but Dweebies can be tricky, and some will disappear before they've met their match! Collect the most cards and consider yourself the Dweebie-in-Chief! We first met the Dweebies on a dreary summer afternoon and the first thing that struck us was how they immediately made us smile. Perhaps it was their vibrant colors. Perhaps it was their quirky personalities. Whatever it was, we knew we wanted to get to know them better! After a little investigation, we learned the following facts: 1. Dweebies have a profession or hobby that they¹re wildly passionate about. 2. All have names related to that passion (ie, Super Dweebie, Dr. Dweebie, Fix-it Dweebie). 3. Dweebies have no more than three (natural) hairs on top of their heads! As for the game, we found it was incredibly easy to learn and play, but deceptively hard to win! One of the Dweebies let us in on a strategy tip: Don't let any line of cards get too long.

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