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EarZings PIERCE-FREE earring

Zingular Designs, LLC

Age: 5 to 13 years

MSRP (CAD): $14.95

MSRP (USD): $14.95

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We had a widevariety of responses from the dozen or so families who tsted these. Everyone loved teh concept of thise pierce-free earrings, as well as the veriety of attractive styles available. And for many of our testers they worked fine. But a number of testers found that these coiled earings pinched and hurt their ears. Even after watching the online video, several families found the the earzings a chllenge to put on correctly and this may have been part of te problem as some testers mentioned that the earzings were more comfortable when they were put on differently. The bottom liine is that it sems to be an individul thing whterht these earzings are perfect for your child, ortoo uncomfortable to wear. 




At first, I couldn't get them on, and my ears were killing after trying! On the third time trying (after waiting a while before each attempt), I finally got them on! They didn't hurt (thank goodness), and they looked really cute! I had a bit of a hard time getting the left one on because I'm a righty and you have to put it on with the opposite hand. The springs were showing, but my friends didn't notice, and asked me whether I got my ears pierced. The puppy face was very cute, but once they were on, the faces were upside down, but they still looked cute. I have never got my ears pierced, so don't know how earings normally feel, as to whether they are more or less comfortable.



I don't like them at all, they hurt my ears and my ears are pierced. I give them a 2 because they are really cute but apart from that, I tried until my ears were really red to put them on myself and could not do it. Mom finally did and they hurt! I don't ever want them on again. I tried to use them in my hair, thinking I could at least use them, but they didn't stay on. I would put them on my dolls but not on myself.



I like these the diamonds are pretty but they make my ears hurt.



I like these, but find they were not comfortable for the day and I was not able to take them off when ever I wanted.



I liked the colourful hearts butthey pinched my ear when I tried to wear them.



The earrings are terrible. The only think I like about them is the design. The soccer ball and jewel looks really nice. But they didn't feel good at all on my ears. I tried to do it myself but I can't. My Mom put them on, but it felt like she was squeezing my ear right off!



Everyone in my class thought I got my ears pierced! They look like real earrings, but they aren't. They looked really pretty. But then I lost one at school and no one could find it. Everyone looked. I can't really say if I would still love them as much, because I didn't wear them for long enough. I wish the one had stayed on better and not got lost. Sometimes they hurt when my Mom first put them on, but then they don't hurt when I am wearing them. I can't put them on by myself.



My ears have been pierced this Xmas so I can finally wear earnings; however, when my mom told me about these I couldn't believe it and I so wanted to try them! It was a bit hard to put them on by myself at first but then I watched a video on line and I did it! They are cool. My friends noticed them right away and were asking all kinds of questions. I love these earnings! I wish I had many more different design to go with my outfits. It's so easy to put them on. I can do it myself.



I love these. Im not allowed to wear pierced earrings and these make me feel pretty.



I love them! my parents don't want me to pierce my ears but this looks just like the real thing! They are sooo pretty! I want lots of them for my birthday.


Jennifer Y.

Chloe (F6) was thrilled with her pink rhinestone flower earrings. She wore them for almost 12 hours without a complaint or mention of any discomfort. Chloe finds them comfortable and forgets that they are on. She was thrilled that her classmates and even her kindergarten teacher thought she got her ears pierced. The girls in her class loved them. The coil is only slightly visible and overall the impression is of pierced ears. There was a small circular indentation on each ear when she took them off. We had a bit of trouble getting them on, but the online video helped. Chloe is not able to put them on herself, but can remove them. I had trouble putting them on my own ears. Unfortunately, one fell off during school early in the testing period preventing further experience with the earzings. I guess the loss supports the comfort of the EarZings (she didn't know one had fallen off) but it also shows that they may not stay on securely.

Kim M.

Love the design (attractive with the right amount of "bling" ), love the concept, didn't like the functionality. Difficult to attach to the ear and the earrings proved too painful for 8 year old Meaghan to use and. Even as an adult, I found they were awkward, difficult and uncomfortable.

Tammy W.

Although the earrings look cute and the girls were excited to try non-piercing earrings, the earrings were nearly impossible to get on despite reading the instructions and watching the video online. When they were somewhat on, the spiral metal in the back stuck out so much it made the earrings look funny. The earrings are also way too big for my girls's ears and look odd. There's no way these earrings would stay on.

Iwona V.


Both my daughters (7 and 10) were excited about this. We read the instructions on how to put these earrings on, and I gave each one of them one to put on, however they had a hard time twisting them on. I helped them to twist it on, they wore it for a few minutes, admired how pretty it was, but then removed it because it was hurting/squeezing a bit. We'll try again since the instructions say that if it hurts, then it's not on correctly! I think we wound them on too much. But they are very cute and look great.



At first they a dream come true! I like these, but find they were not comfortable for the day and I was not able to take them off when ever I wanted. Rebecca (F5.

Julie J.

We had high hopes for these, as our 6 year old daughter has unpierced ears but loves jewellery. She was unable to put these earrings on herself. We loved the concept of these earrings (we have always found the magnetic backings on other types of earrings don't hold well or get lost easily). I also had some difficulty getting them onto her ears and in the right spot. Once I had them on her she started complaining after about 2 hours that they were "pinching" her. She has had them on 3 or 4 times since then, but after about 20 minutes has told us they pinch too much to keep them on for any length of time.

Ruth B.

My daughter (5.5 years) was very excited to wear these. She wore them about 5 hours, but asked me to take them off eventually as they hurt.

Marie-Lise H.

I had 2 very different experiences with the EarZings, my daughter Mia (11 with pierced ears) could not tolerate them, she took them off right away as they pinched her ears too much. Her best friend was there and she wanted to try them on. Gabrielle (F10) is not allowed pierced ears, she absolutely loved them and was so excited to show her parents. They approved of the EarZings and wanted to know where they could buy some. I like that they can be shared between friends without worried about disinfection.

Shannon C.

These are a cute idea. My daughters (F7 and F5) initially had issues getting them on their ears, but once we figured it out they work great. You can see the coil of the spring but they hold really securely. The diamond like charm is very pretty and was an instant hit! I would say these are a good option for parents hesitant to pierce ears, and are a great dress up option for little girls.

Joyce S.

The earrings are cute and with a bit of practice and perseverance they do go on without pinching. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but we prevailed and my daughter (12) was able to wear them. She was very excited. We had the dog earrings which were really cute, but when you put one of them on, it was upside down. My daughter did wear if for a lot of the day at school so they were reasonably comfortable.

Marta W.

What a great idea for children who are scared of piercing theirs ears but loving to wear some anyway! My daughter really enjoyed her star earnings. She was able to put them on and take them off by herself with little trouble or none at all. The spring is quite strong so I was concerned it would hurt her ear but that did not happen. It's much more comfortable then old fashion clips that would squeeze the blood from your ear lobe by the end of the day. Very nice, girly, delicate design. Although the piece was not even silver plated no allergies occurred. At first my daughter had some difficulties to place it on her ear lobe but after a couple of tries she became a pro at it. They are very cute. I have silver stars with some rhinestones on them. If your girl has very long hair you may want to braid or pony tail it so that it doesn't get tangled. Over all two thumb up! I would definitely purchase different designs if there were available.


Manufacturer Description

EarZings are the NEW PIERCE-FREE earring. They are not clip-ons, magnets or temporary tattoos but are a completely new concept of pierce-free. EarZings use a patent-pending coil design to comfortably secure to the ear. They are easy-to-wear and stay on great.  EarZings’ designs are artful and fresh. Made in USA.

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