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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.95

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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For the most part, this is still the classic Easy-Bake experience: same just-add-water mixes, and the same tiny portions. All that's changed, is kids using the microwave instead of a light-bulb powered oven.




I love Easy Bake and I love this one too. The cookies were easy to make, and tasty. Very pretty decorations. We need to buy more mixes to make more cookies.



Much easier to make compared to the cake version. I liked to be able to make them in no time. You could make much cooler designs, which I liked a lot. The only part I had difficulty with was the fondant. I didn't find it very tasty, but it was pretty cool to decorate with once I succeeded in making it. It would have been easier to do this with a friend. I would buy this for a friend. I want to try it out with my own cookie mix.



I did not like this set as much as the cake set. the cookies did not cook well in the microwave, I followed everything in the instructions, so I was disappointed. Mom promised that we could make cookies this weekend and try out the cutters. I love to learn to cook. I was really proud of the cakes I made with the other set.


Iwona V.


This Easy Bake is different in that you use your microwave to make the cookies. Making the dough is just the same as with the regular easy bake - just add water. The set comes with measuring spoons so that you have the right amount of water. I had to help my daughter (7) stir the dough so that it all mixed well and became the right consistency. Once that was made, she rolled out the dough with a rolling pin and started pressing the cookie cutters. The dough shapes go into a microwave safe container that comes with the kit, and then you microwave for 25 seconds. It took a few tries to get the cookie 'baked' well -- it all depends on how thin you roll the dough and on your microwave. Once we burned the cookies by microwaving too long. I wouldn't say the cookies are tasty (I don't expect them to be gourmet cookies, but the girls liked eating them). Next you mix the fondant mix with water. Again a bit of help was required to get it all mixed together. Then you press out the shapes again and arrange on top of the cookie to get pretty designs. There's other accessories too, which all work well. Finally you mix up the icing to stick the fondant to the cookie. All in all, my daughter was able to do the whole thing herself, and loved making different creations. The kit comes with different colour fondant and cookie mix, so you can mix and match colours. Even my 3 year old was able to make some cookies.

Sylvie O.


This was really cool for my daughter to make. She was pretty creative with the designs for theh cookies and they were pretty attractive. Company liked her cookies. We will be trying out the molds with our own cookie mix. It took a while to get the hang of making the fond, but the results were nice. It was great that the fondant was precoloured.



We did our own cookie recipe from scratch.  I tried to incorporate most of the equipement from the easy bake cookie kit.  First -  the 5 pronged measuring spoon has symbole on it to represent the amount you need when you use the Easy bake cookie dough, nowhere is it written what the symbol equal to in mls or the old emperial system of tablespoon, teaspoon etc.  I used my own measuring spoons to test what they would be equal to.  the smallest spoon is equal to 2.5 mls ( 1/2 tsp ) then surprisingly the next 2 spoons are equal to 5 mls ( 1 tsp ) and the other 2 are equal to 15 mls ( 1 tbls ).  I don't get that, they look different sizes but well and truly the same amount fit in 2 different spoons perfectly.    The real usufulness in making cookies came from the cutters, they worked fine and made lots of different shapes, the dough did not get stuck in them and if there where a little snug, there is a hole on top that you could push the dough out.   The rolling pin was not much use as it was so small.  It OK for the easy bake amount of cookie dough but a real batch makes a whole lot more. 

The cookie punch worked great and so did the embossing plate it added texture and interest to the cookies.  We placed them in the oven to cook. 


Manufacturer Description

Bake up yummy cookie treats and then make them "deliciously" beautiful! Mix up a batch of cookie dough, cut them out with the cookie cutters, put them in the container and then bake them up right in your very own microwave! While they're baking and then cooling, mix up some of your fondant mixes to give them a chic and trendy look, just like a professional baker would. Use one color of fondant or decide if you want to combine pink, green and brown into a pretty pattern. For the final touch, add a dash of frosting. Your tasty treats are just as fun to look at as they are to eat!

Model Number

26920 / C-239A IB-635

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  • Includes microwavable container and all the tools you need!