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EASY-BAKE Ultimate Decorating Pen Kit

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Satisfaction with this kit depends on your expectations for it. None of our testers were able to create beautiful decorations using it, but the icing does flow, and the decorated treats are tasty no matter what they look like. So here's the scoop... Using a traditional pastry bag requires a fair amount of skill and coordination, which can prove a challenge for most kids (even many adults!). In theory, this pen-styled decorating tool helps make it a bit easier: the cog and gear mechanism pushes a steady stream of icing out the nozzle, eliminating the need for fingers to apply pressure at the same time they're trying to decorate. That means kids can focus solely on forming the icing into various creations. It's a great idea, for which we have only two reservations. The icing continues to flow a bit after you click off the gears - something kids will need to anticipate while using it. As well, the icing tube holds only 3 TBSP (45 ml), so there'll be a few interruptions to refill it (we only had enough to write "HAPPY B" before the icing ran out).




It was a great idea but it did not work very well. The pen did not let me lift up when I wanted to.



This toy was a lot of fun on a rainy day. I had a lots of fun helping mommy decorate cookies and then I got to eat them.



although the pen was a good idea, it didn't work. in the beginning it wasn't turning on but when we finally got it to go on, it came out too quickly. it would have been more helpful if there was also a way to do it manually instead of all being battery. also, i wouldn't have minded if they gave us more heads for the icing to come out of in different shapes.



OK the pen is messy and I don't make the most beautiful cakes, they look really lame, but they are still good to eat and my grandfather was really happy I decorated a cake for him. I would not have even tried if I didn't have the pen - we would have bought him one made up at the store and it would not have been the same. Even though the age to use it is 8, you still need a parents help, cause sometimes some of the frosting gets stuck in the little cone holes and it can be hard to clean and sometimes frosting goes on the wand itself and since there are batteries you can't put the machine in the water to clean, so we used paper towels to clean and that's hard to do a good job. I like that I could have 3 different colors to chose from. I am not really good at making nice looking cupcakes... but at least they where delicious. Oh, and you absolutely need to use the container to suck the frosting in..we tried little bowls or the frosting container but it didn't work so we had to really fill the pen, then clean the container to change the color.



The first time we tried it, the pen didn't do anything we wanted it to do. The only thing that worked was sucking up the icing. We had a hard time getting the pen to start even though we put in good batteries. When we finally did get it to start, the icing came out even after you stopped - for a long time - and therefore the pattern didn't work. The next time, the pen worked better than initially. It was fun to use and it turned out half normal. The icing comes out at a good pace but after you stop it keeps coming out so you end up putting some back in the bowl.


Jennifer K.

Parent & Teacher

This is a great idea for a cake decorating kit, however, we found that it did not stop very quickly and the icing designs ended up looking vey sloppy. She did not enjoy the results and has not wanted to try again.

Orietta M.


This is a great toy for a rainy day. The kids are preoccupied with this toy because they have fun making all sorts of edible designs. The assembly of the pen was so easy that before I could read the instructions my daughter (8 years) already put it together. The only frustration I had was that I needed to install a battery and storage. I have to keep all the pieces together that could get easily get misplaced if you don't use it often with the kids.

Marie-Lise H.


There are definite drawbacks to using this pen... the frosting ends up being quite warm and doesn't hold it's shape well, we tried using different containers to that at least 3 colours could be used at the same time, but the only one that worked well was the included one, we would just end up pushing on the frosting and it would go up the sides of the other containers. So get used to having a mess to clean up. The Pen doesn't hold a whole lot of frosting, so Mia (F10) could not write "Happy Birthday Grap! " without reloading 3 times. But without this pen, my father would not have celebrated his 78th birthday with a cake decorated by his grandchild and that is priceless.

Hache C.


I had a lovely time with my grand-daughter ( 10 ) making cupcakes. It did take a while to get us started, we could not find a screwdriver to put the batteries in, my husband finally figured out how to open it. The at the beginning it was quite hard to get the pen to use, it was not making designs at all, with use and practice it did get easier to get the frosting to come out but there wasn't much of a design. I would say there was more enthusiasm than talent to making our cupcakes. Mia was happy to share her cupcakes with the family.

Joyce S.

The pen is good for decorating for the fun of decorating, rather than for a precise outcome. I was very disappointed in this. We were all set to decorate a bunch of cookies. Firstly, as many products do, the screwdriver needed to open the battery section is not a standard screwdriver. Once we got over that hurdle, we had a really difficult time getting it to actually turn on. The connection is very finicky and we almost gave up. The actual use was also disappointing. The battery does not allow as quick a stopping point as a manual system does. This meant our flowers wouldn't stop when we wanted and our lines ended longer than we wanted. Generally we just got frustrated and ended up using our old decorating set instead.


Manufacturer Description

Decorate your way to Easy-Bake deliciousness with this battery-powered Ultimate Decorating Pen! It works with any frosting, even store-bought, and it makes decorating easy-peasy. The frosting flows when you press the button, and you can use the round, flower, cross or wedge decorating tips to make amazing designs. You'll be the coolest baker on the block with the Ultimate Decorating Pen Kit! 

Toy Fair Press Release: The EASY-BAKE Ultimate Decorating Pen Kit allows bakers to turn their delicious treats into beautiful masterpieces. Simply fill the cartridge with homemade or store bought frosting, snap it into the automatic  pen compartment, and push the button to start decorating sweet treats. Adult Participation Required. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com. 

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  • 3 frosting tub discs and instructions


  • Easy to fill and easy to clean