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Easy Daysies® Magnetic Schedules for Kids

Easy Daysies®

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $25.99

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We put the pictures for the morning on it. It has 'make your bed' on it. It helps me to know what to do in the morning, I follow it.



It was helpful so I knew what do to in the morning and at night. I set the schedule myself and I was happy to be able to do it myself. I hung it up somewhere where we could always see it.



I forgot this was on the fridge.



This was a neat idea but I found it very boring. It was not a game or activity, just a magnetic schedule, to tell me what was going on during the day.



I love being organised,this schedule is so pretty and I can carry it with me. I can tie it up where I can see it best. I like the cards that I can write on what I want, that really helps me plan my day. It would make a great app for an Ipod!



It takes me a long time to get organised but when I use the chart I feel it takes less time. I sometimes forget to use it, Mom has to remind me to continue or else I start forgetting things again.



I like that it tells me what to do!



Well, I tend to wait until the last minute to do my chores, but when i use the chart, I feel like it takes less time. I like the pictures on the cards, that way I can just look at it from far and know what is next. The blank cards are really useful so that I can put what I want on it and make my own chart.



Love to be able to plan and organise my own day. Nice pictures (since i dont know how to read yet). Ive put my own stickers on blanks for extras.


Jennifer K.


I like this magnetic schedule for keeping my kids organized. It sticks well to the fridge and the pictures and words are large enough to read from across the room. The girls (F5 & F9) would look at what was going on for the day but were not interested in reorganizing the different magnets .

Megan S.


I like the idea of this toy, I would like it if there was more detail on the board, ie. days of week, hrs of day, maybe that is on another version. Keira (F4) likes to arrange activities on board but then loses interest and is done with board for several days.

Andree-Lynn A.


Love the concept, would be alot better with blank's. Would definitly recommed it to all parents with kids. With blank's even odler kids can use it. Helps them not to forget and even get organise in tasks to be done during a day.

Stacie C.

At first, the girls [4 & 6] were checking it all the time and changing the order of the schedule. And even after the initial excitement wore off, it became a part of our routine to 'check the tree'. It saved me having to repeat the same instructions over and over!

Marie-Lise H.

The Easy Daysies Magntic schedule is only a successsful as the energy you and your child put in it. If there is no motivation to continue it is easy to return to the old non-productive ways. There isn't a lot of play but it is rewarding to have your child meet his goal for the day. I really encouraged Sebastien (M10) to try it and he did quite well. He liked the pieces he could write on so that the schedule could reflect his day better. Mia (F9), my very organised child, loved it. She loves making lists so this was a natural for her.


Manufacturer Description

Get kids organized, independent and into routine with Easy Daysies® Magnetic Schedules for Kids! 

How to Use Easy Daysies - It's Easy!

1. At home, start with only the morning routine or just the bedtime routine, depending on the area you want to work on.

2. Have your child look at the pictures and words to tell you what they are in order.   If the child is not yet reading, teach him/her to use the pictures and beginning letter sounds to guess what it says.  Later, you can move onto phonetically sounding out the words.

3. Ask them which task is first, then which is next.  

4. After completing ONE individual task come back and look at the Easy Daysies.  Ask your child what he or she did and have them point to it and locate it.  (At an early age children learn best visually and kinaesthetically… that is, seeing and doing).  With older children, ask them why they think one specific task comes before the other.  For example, Why do you think homework comes before free time?

5. Repeat the process of coming back to the Easy Daysies and cheering on your child.  They will be so glad and proud, and they will be excited about coming back to Easy Daysies the next day for a repeat performance!

6. Have fun with Easy Daysies.   When you are ready, or maybe as a reward, tell your child that he/she can make the Easy Daysies for Saturday or Sunday morning for the whole family.

7. Later on it will be fun for the child to help, and believe me, once they know the routine, they become more than proud to place it all by themselves!

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