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Easy Steer Sportster

The Step2 Company

Age: 18 to 48 months

MSRP (CAD): $89.99

MSRP (USD): $69.99

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Kate S.

Our son Henry, 23 months, absolutely loves getting in and out of this car, and driving around the neighbourhood in it while pretending to steer and honk the horn. I must say that I am quite impressed myself in that it drives smoothly and is easy to steer. I also like that the handle is high enough for my husband and I to push comfortably as we are quite tall. My only complaints are that this car was rather tricky and time consuming to assemble but was well worth it! I also have a concern with the safety as my son was able to reach down and touch the wheels while we were walking which could cause injury.

Chia-Ying H.


This is a great buggy car for my 20-month toddler. My son (20 months old) absolutely loves sitting in the car as long as he can. This makes our mall shopping a lot easier, too! I love seeing him getting on the car excitedly without my help at all. The front swivel works excellent when turning with one hand. It would be great if all tires are rubber instead of plastics which makes some noises when walking on uneven road. The other thing is the handle is a bit too short for my husband. That would be great if the handle is adjustable. Overall, my son loves this buggy car more than the regular stroller.

Chia Ying H.


This toy is a mix of pros and cons, so I can only give it a 7. I will start with cons first. 1st, it was very difficult to install the 4 main wheels. I had to hammer 4 tiny caps at the end of the axles. This was hard to do due to the small caps fall off easily while you hammer. 2nd, there was a bunch of stickers. I would prefer that plastic just come with simple and various colors. Stickers look terrible and degrade quickly. 3rd, this toy is not meant for any parent taller than 5.7 feet. The push handle is short and my husband (5.9 feet) has to bend down to push the cart. 4th is that the straps came with the buckles installed backwards. The last con is that this toy is a little pricy in Canada. I think Costco USA one time had this onsale for prbably 50% of the price in Canada. Now the pros. 1st is that this toy turns very well with its unique front center (5th and 6th) turning wheels. This toys truns so well and can prob do a 360 no problem. 2nd is that my baby boy of 18months seems to enjoy riding it quite a bit due to both its looks and its fun as a toy. last is this car can be folded for easy storage.

Annie D.

Never mind the stroller or the wagon when we go for walks now, it's automatically the sportster. Also, what is so great about this little vehicle is that it has the option of "swivel". Therefore, you can easily turn corners when you go for walks. Simply love it and so does my son (2) and neighbors !

Kim G.

This toy has given us the opportunity to go for a long walk again. My son (23m) was no longer tolerating his stroller, but he loves this car and has started enjoying riding along while we walk! My son loves to fasten his own seat belt and play at steering with his wheel. He also insists on putting his cup in the holder and filling the other small compartment with snacks.


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Unique modern styling and adapts to multiple terrains!

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  • Large capacity under-hood storage is perfect for snacks or supplies