Age: 6 years and up

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Play Tested Review

A basic beading craft, but our testers loved adding the beads stenciled with emoji designs to their creations. With 70 beads, 30 of then with emoji designs, there’s plenty to make a bracelet for yourself and four friends.




I like that the emojis but I want them to add more like the angry face on a red bead. Mixing different emojis like the faces with the food is always funny. There are a lot of beads to use and strings, too. And the strings are stretchy and long. The instructions are funny with the emojis instead of words.



I like emojis and they can go on bracelets. They have pictures and colored beads and emoji faces. We get to put the emojis on the bracelet and we like to play with them and wearing the bracelets. It's a nice toy of emojis and I like it.



There is a lot of different colors of string and there is double the beads. I like that you can bead different emojis and the string is really kinda long.



The emojis are really fun, we made sure we kept enough emojis for all 5 bracelets.



There's a lot of emoji beads! I want to make one for my friends, too!


Susan C.

My children (F6, M8) are so into emojis right now. They really liked the yellow emoji beads as well as the other brightly coloured beads. We found the stings a little difficult to detach at first because they are rubbery and stick together. My daughter (6) was able to bead the beads without any difficulty and had fun customizing. She preferred making necklaces over the recommended bracelets and it was great that the kit allows for that by providing extra long string. One thing that would have been useful would have been a tray or a little bowl to keep the beads from rolling around. My daughter had fun assembling different necklaces out of the beads. This kit offers more than the usual beads and has emoji images printed on the yellow beads. These special beads were by far her favourite and she loved each random emoji and lining them up to tell a story. The strings seem to be holding up well, although some of the emjoi images are starting to scrape/fade off. A great price for a trendy craft kit. I would certainly consider buying this for a birthday party gift or a slumber party activity.

Sandra W.

Basically a bracelet kit with emoji beads. F6 and F8 like emojis and making bracelets so they were excited about this kit. They would have preferred to make more than 5 bracelets, like 10 so that they could make some for friends or it could be used at a birthday party. Did not need my help to make the bracelets so it kept them independently occupied. Appropriate for age. Wide age appeal because most girls like to make bracelets and recognize emojis.

Tammy W.

My girls (7 & 9) enjoyed making bracelets using the emoji beads. The kit was very simple, yet fun. Nothing unique about it except for the emoji beads. I think the emoji beads are what kept them interested. The girls separated the emoji beads into 5 groups, so each bracelet would have the same number of emoji beads. They made some cute bracelets that are bright and fun to wear with their outfits. This would make for a fun sleepover craft! I like that there are enough beads and string to make 5 bracelets, so the girls could make one for themselves and a few more for their friends.. I like the doubling up of the elastic strings to make the bracelets stronger. I had to help with the knots to finish off the bracelets


Manufacturer Description

These popular kits feature the newest, hottest jewelry trends for teens and tweens. Show off your style with fabulous accessories you design yourself.

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# 6128


  • You’ll love all the fun emoji beads. With so many beads, your friends will LIKE sharing them with you.

  • Includes colorful gel cord and 70 beads. Enough to make 5 super-stretch emoji-themed bracelets.

  • Wear them, share them, and trade them with your friends! Match your mood or match your outfit.