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Fab Effex Variety Pack

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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The activity looks really neat, and has huge kid-appeal - esepcialy with all the TV advertising. But our testers were disappointed. The included scissors don't work well enough to cut the waxy material, and the wax surface doesn't keep the pieces stuck to each other. All our teters found doing the activity a lot harder than it looks - and kinda frustrating, especially when their creations fell apart. 




I haven't played with this since the first time because it's very hard to make what you're trying to make because the wax doesn't stick. It's not the best craft!



It's a great idea but not always doable, I tried to make a rose like the picture on the box but it cam out flat then it broke apart. 



It was fun to cut and make things but it just didn't stick together and all that work was for nothing



The glue doesn't stick after a while and it is very very hard to cut.  They don't give you the right colours but if you do an animal that they give out the cut outs for it can turn out like the picture. 



They say they give you all the materials that you need but they don't.  They show you colours in the pictures that they don't give you and the shapes that are hard to cut.  One out of the two things I made worked.



You can do anything you want with it. You can make lots of things.  But the sheets of Fab FX fabric are really small. They should include some bigger sheets.  My flowers were amazing.  I also decorated the planter with some hearts. Sometimes it does not stick so well.  The book makes it look easier than it is.



Fab effects is a good idea but it is kinda hard. The instructions look nice but aren't very clear for how to do it. I think it could be cooler if there were more pieces of the colors. Like maybe I want to make the bunny rabbit in yellow and not blue. I like the idea...the scissors don't work for the material...and it is not clear how to make shapes puffy.


Amy C.

Love the concept, but was disappointed by the execution.  The fabric is really quite interesting.  A coating of wax makes it hold whatever shape you mold it to.  The scissors do not work well for the material. The sheets of fabric are a bit too small and while the bag of assorted pieces is great, some of it seemed scraps more than odds and ends.  Mostly though it was the cost that was disappointing. Just under $20 would have made this set much more appealing and more forgiving of the short comings.

Joyce S.


While some of the animals did actually turn out like the picture, the material was not easy to work with.  The kids got frustated doing the craft.

Rebecca Y.


Matana has had no desire to try this craft after her first attempt went so miserably. The pieces don't stick so though she put it a lot of effort on making something nice, it came apart immediately. How disappointing!

Marie-Lise H.


Depending on what was used to stick the material on sometimes it would stick sometimes not.  It did stick well on a pencil but not to make rabbit ears or a rose. The girls were very motivated to do the activities but where somewhat disappointed that it came apart .  More material to fix mistakes would have been good.

Marianne L.


Colorful assortment. Imaginative. Bottom of box would be nice to use as a tray, but it has slits in it and the small pieces fall through. Too many little bits if fabric. Too bad the scissors don't work well with the fabric, but I had some my granddaughter could use.


Manufacturer Description

Create & decorate with fabulous formable fabric! Moldable, re-usable & magically sticks! Mix & match funky designs

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