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Difficult to rate this toy. The activity is not very successful using the glue and sticky dots provided. The result was sheer frustration, and flimsy creations that fell apart almost immediately. But two of our testing families had great success using a glue gun. Their daughters were thrilled with the fabulous results they were proud to wear and give their friends.




Mostly it was good because I like doing this with my friends. The pony's (ponytail elastic) did not work at all! Mine worked the best, but the feathers kept coming off and my friends didn't work at all! But they took them home anyway. I like the hair barrett and I wore it all afternoon. I made 2 and my friends made 2. So, I like that this has a lot of barretts so you can share with your friends and still have some for you too. But, it doesn't come with so many hairbands (2 only, so you can't really share with 3 friends). Also, I like the glue because there are 3 different kinds and sparkly, but it doesn't work so good.



This was so awesome. I always see feather headbands in the store, but now I can make my own. I made so many that I gave one to my sister. I like the clips and the ponytail ones too. They are so easy to make and they are so pretty. This is the coolest craft ever.



I love wearing my art so i can show it off to all my friends at school. i shared some of my creations with them. it was fun to do but mom helped me by glue gunning everything to make sure the stuff stayed on the elastics and clips.


Orietta M.


I enjoyed these feather creations as much as my daughter (7). there was plenty of things in the box to keep us busy and it was mainly up to us to make what we thought looked good. great quality time spent with my daughter designing hair bands.

Iwona V.

We used a glue gun to keep all the pieces on instead of the glue provided. The kit comes with lots feathers, but we did end up using our own clips (nicer ones), and headbands. The instructions did not provide too many ideas, so it was up to Victoria to create her own, which worked out well. She and her sister (F5) wear their creations a lot and with pride. They get lots of wonderful compliments on them.

Kim M.

This was a disappointing craft. The glue did not stick on well,such that her headband fell apart after the first wear. Meaghan (F6.5) and her 2 friends did try the craft again. Making barretts worked well. They did have some difficulty with the feathers staying on, but overall, worked ok. The hair elastics did not work at all - quite frustrating. The round sticky dots that are used to help keep the feathers and other adornments on, did not keep them on. The girls tried the glue, but again, not very much success.


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From hair extensions to headbands, add some feathery fun to your style! This complete set includes hairclips, headbands, ponytail holders, 40+ feather,  rhinestones and enough accessories to make 12+ designs. Enough to wear and share! (Feathers are sourced in USA and inspected and certified by the U.S. Division of Fish & Wildlife.)

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