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Finger Tips Matching Game

Wiggles 3D Incorporated

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.95

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I like Hot Dog the best of the 3 games. I like the hand shaped cards.



I won - let's play again!!



I like how you can play with lots of people...like my Mom, my brother, my Grandad. I like Hide and Seek and the Hotdog game the best. My favourite characters are the fox and the tiger.


Jennifer Y.


The 3 games were easy to understand, quick and fun to play. The only tricky part is fitting the cards back in the case.

Rachel D.

My children (F4, M3) really enjoy this game! There are different ways to use the cards; they enjoyed "Hot Dog" the most. The cards seem sturdy and I like the little box it comes with. It's also great for learning the names of different animals. Because there are different games they can play with it, they don't get bored so quickly. Also, the rules can be adapted - if my 3 year old is playing, we don't use all the rules to make it easier for him. We have played with it a few times a week since we got them and aren't bored yet. It's also great for teaching the names of different animals.

Karen R.

Cole (M4) loved playing the games and seemed to enjoy the challenge of examining all of the fingers to make a match. He didn't always see them which made me realize that this is a good game for developing observation and speed. He seemed to get better at it as time went on. Because of the shape of the cards, they can be a little bit difficult to hold if you've got a number of them, but that didn't bother Cole.


Manufacturer Description

It's a Handful of Fun! This colorful deck of hand-shaped cards helps children build their matching skills, memory skills and hand-eye coordination, all while having fun. Young players will love the finger-puppet inspired characters. Cards feature 15 animal images. For players aged 3 and up. Play by yourself or with your friends.
3 Games in 1: There are three different ways to play with this deck:
 Mad Rush - Race other players to match animal images as fast as you can.
 Hot Dog - Match the animal images on the cards fingertip to fingertip. (If you match a dog to another dog, you get an extra turn!)
 Hide and Seek - Search the grid to find matches for the animals on your card. Can you remember where you saw them last?
There’s a Fingertips game for everyone! The plastic container makes this an ideal game to take on your next trip. Available at Scholar's Choice and Mastermind Toys.

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  • play guides for three different games