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Fisher-Price® Little People® Sit 'n Stand Skyway


Age: 18 months to 5 years

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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Same exciting play value of the 2014 version of this Skyway toy, which our testers rated as a Gold Choice toy. But this years testing families were less thrilled with the new design intrduced in this version that offers a second option for a horizontal configuration for sit down play. Most kept it in the upright position anyway because after all, that 3' downhill racing really is the big thrill with this toy - especially with the fast speed of the included toy cars. 


Tania K.

They (twin M2s) can spend up to a half hour just watching the cars go down the spiral track! Since they are twins, its helpful that the toy comes with two cars and they each took their turn to watch the car go down the track. My kids like it [upright] because its just as tall as them; the speed at which the toy cars race down the track is consistent and fast enough for my kids to be entertained. I was excited that the toy offers two positions, but I quickly figured out my kids only like the upright position. There is not much to do with the toy in the horizontal position. We leave the toy in the upright position. The only trick is, we have to find the two toy cars to play with it. There is a space to "park" the toy cars, but these items typically get moved around because the kids typically like playing with the toy cars individually. I like the colour on the toy - very vibrant, fun and inviting; and the spiral track - especially when its in the upright position so it doesn't take up too much room. I didn't like the length of time it took 2 adults to figure out some of the picture instructions and put the toy together. But it's well made and sturdy, and solid even in the upright position - when multiple kids are playing with it, it doesn't tip over. We are happy to have had this toy in our home. As a parent of twins it was enjoyable to be able to sit back and watch the level of coordination and cooperation displayed by my kids when they were playing with this toy for 20-30 minutes. You can see the level of excitement on each kids face when a car was ready to go down the spiral track. When one of my kids was getting their car in position, they would actually wait to ensure their sibling was ready to watch it go down and then take turns. I was amazed to see one of kids search for balls that would fit the track and watch how it went down the track. And here I thought this was just another track set..... The spiral race track, in the upright position, was definitely something that my kids were drawn too. I think the consistent speed of the toy cars was also another factor that made this toy attractive. My kids had other toys with a race track but the height of this toy in the upright position was another attractive factor. When the toy was placed in the horizontal position it didn't appear to appeal to the kids but when you position it upright, they immediately started to play with it. After the first 2 weeks I noticed that play time dwindled. From time to time, they would revisit the toy and spend maybe 10 minutes at a time instead of the 20 - 30 minutes of continuous play when the toy was first introduced. I have tried to "hide" the toy for a few days and bring it back out to play which seems to peak some interest when in reappears. Even after the initial attraction diminished, my kids continually played with the toy cars. They are always playing with those items every day. In general, I view this toy as a staple in the toy box.

Ellen S.

Too big. My child (F2) likes to play with it, but only for short spurts. After putting the car on the track a couple of times my daughter moves on to the next toy. The toy was definitely enjoyed by my kids (F2, M10m) when it was in the stand up position. I like that you can have it go tall and lower and my daughter had fun putting the cars down the ramp. But some of the design features are flawed: when the toy is on the lower level cars always get stuck in this one area. Plus sometimes the cars don't come out and my daughter has to dig them out of the hole. Assembly took an hour and a great deal of effort. Great layout for the assembly instructions, but some directions were confusing and the pieces seemed backwards. Putting the screws in was a pain. I find it is a bit flimsy and snapping pieces together felt risky at times that I might break it. Quite detailed and I think an older child would enjoy it more.

Paul S.

Playing with the two little cars captured my son's attention from the beginning to the end of testing. It's easy for an adult to switch from upright to sitdown position. He likes the sit down mode most, but will play in the stand mode for awhile, too. I wish there was a music playing function so my son could enjoy the toy for longer period. Overall, the toy was good. My son has been so attached with two little cars. For skyway, he was interested for one week, lost the interest, then after 2 weeks he started playing with it again. I would say for Skyway he was on and off, but he loves two little cars so much all the time. Since there are two little cutie cars, he wants to play with me. He tends to press hard during playing with the cars - the set is sturdy enough for this but it could be more sturdy.


Manufacturer Description

Two ways to play! Changes from sit-at roadway to stand-up Skyway to rev up the fun! With the Little People® Sit ‘n Stand Skyway playset, kids are in the driver’s seat of 2-in-1 zip & zoom fun! They can start out zipping their Wheelies™ vehicles over the roads and down the ramps of the horizontal town, stopping to fill up at the gas pump at the bottom. Then take it up … up … up … to a vertical Skyway that stands over 34” tall. Now toddlers can place their Wheelies™ vehicles at the top and watch as the cars zip & zoom their way around & around (& around) the spiral ramps all the way to the bottom! Kids steer their own adventures as this skyway playset changes from a sit-at roadway to a stand-up Skyway (and back again!) with the help of mom or dad.

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  • • Kids enjoy zip-zoomin’ fun in more ways than one! Converts from sit-at-roadway to stand-up Skyway (and back again!)