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Set Enterprises, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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Our testers loved this well designed rummy style game: scoring chips make it easy to keep track of points and designating different wild cards each round keeps players on their toes. With five cards dealt, players take turns to pick up and discard until one player completes a five-card set (either all the same number or all the same colour). Other players each then get a final turn to trying making at least a three card set. Cards not part of a set earn a robber (penalty) chip. The game does introduce some basic, but slightly advanced card game concepts - like ever-changing wild cards, so it is best introduced to kids who already have solid game playing experience.




I love this card game because it's easy to play and I can play with my little sister F4 and we don't need any help. I hate getting the bad tokens because you need the good ones to win the game at the end. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but I don't care, it's just fun to play.



This is the best card game ever. I love giving out the tokens and flipping over the wild cards. I have to get all cards the same colour or all the same number but sometimes if I have a wild card I don't have to because the wild card can be anything and it helps you win!



I like this game because it's fun to play and you get to play with a lot of crowns. It's easy and not confusing to learn how to play this game. I like the wild cards. It's a good game to play with 3 people.


Tammy W.

This is a great family card game and great for beginners as well. I played many games with m8 f6 and f4 and they always want to play again and again. My 4 year old does need help playing but thoroughly enjoys it. It is very easy to keep score with the tokens and no pen and paper required. The game is played quickly enough so they don't get bored, yet long enough that there is actually a challenge to it. The instructions are very clear and the diagrams help the kids understand the 2 ways of collecting cards - by colour or by number sets. This is a game I see having lasting power.

Cathy M.

Fun card game. Bright, colourful cards are fun to look at, and only keeping 5 cards in hands at all times makes it easy for little hands to handle their cards. The 'wild card' concept is a bit complicated for my almost 6 year old to grasp, so she likes to play without the wild card. It does not take anything away from the game so it is a good alternative. The tokens also took the wayside quickly as we found little value in them. Comes in a sturdy box which is good for travel and for storing away.

Shannon C.

Great fun game! Easy to set up, easy to learn. The kids love it and as an adult who has never played Rummy it was an excellent learning opportunity and was a rather enjoyable game to learn. Cards are bright and durable.

Rebecca Y.

A great starting card game for little ones. This is a simple rummy game with the added appeal of 'coins' used for scoring. The cards are cute and bright and the game is really easy to learn. Ezra (M6) and I enjoyed playing Five Crown Junior. I've never played Five Crowns, but this junior version is a great introduction to rummy. It's a little too easy to win (the first 2 rounds were won after picking up 1 card). Getting the treasures and Robby cards and having the wild cards makes it more exciting for the younger crowd.


Manufacturer Description

Kid-style rummy! Match all 5 cards in your hand by either color or number to win a treasure chip. Avoid earning Robby chips because he is a packrat and wants to steal your treasure. The player with the most treasure chips at the end of five rounds wins!

Rotating wild card! Each round a different magic crown is wild. Flip the extra large wild cards to show what is wild for that round.  The wild crown for that round can be used as any card you need to complete your match.

The first player to match all 5 of his or her cards goes out, then the other players have one last chance to match as many cards as they can.

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  • 5 extra large wild cards