Age: 7 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $17.99

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I really liked the softness of this pillow. I liked making my pillow and the fact that I made it by myself. It is soft and you can personalize it and sleep with it. It is so easy and fun to do. I would recommend this craft to my friends!



It was a fun experience to weave. I've only made plush pillows so this was different. Some things were hard-pompoms and tassels - I was confused about how to make them. And it's hard to sew the flower in the middle. The wool was so cozy.


Orietta M.

This was a great craft to do. My daughter 11 years, could not wait to open the box and work on yet another great project. She loved the idea that she could create something and leave it on her bed. It was a nice decorative piece that she could admire and use once finished. She was enthusiastic until she completed it. I liked how the fabric was precut. This helped immensely in figuring out how to weave the sides and stick them together. She worked hard and it came out looking just like the picture! Wonderful and easy enough craft to complete with minimal assistance. Now we all look and admire. Perfect for 11 year old. I think it is better suited for 9 and up...not 7. Fine motor and coordination for 7 year olds might be hard.

Sandra W.

Pretty craft, but it needed more parental help than I expected. 7F enjoys making crafts, especially pillows. I like the idea that it did not require sewing, instead you have to weave the pillow pieces together. F7 had difficulty with the weaving but eventually was able to do it. She got frustrated making the pompoms and tassels, so I had to help with that. She also did not understand the directions. As an adult, I had some difficulty understanding some of the instructions. There were different color fleece strips and the instructions did not indicate which color to use for certain steps. That would have made it a little easier as the illustrations were not in color. It might be easier if she was older (age 8+) to complete this craft. As for the finished product, it soon started ripping apart at the pieces that are woven together. We did not overstuff the pillow and F7 is not rough when playing with it, so we are not sure why the felt fabric is ripping apart, but it is very disappointing, considering how much work and time F7 put into making it.

Marta W.

My daughter (10) loved assembling this pillow and had no issues following the written instructions and it took less than an hour to have a completed result. This craft is easy to do and the results are just what is shown on the box. The pillow is soft and colourful and already being used:-) Great craft, no needle needed :-) The pillow has an attractive design that doesn't require sewing, so no needles are necessary. Lydia enjoyed threading the edges of the pillow with her fingers instead of a needle and she said that she will use this technique in the future. The instructions are easy to follow, however, even without them it is easy to figure out what to do. After many nights of sleeping with it, nothing has come out of it and it still holds together very well. Great craft. Although it does not take long to make it, the pillow stays with your child forever. Thumbs up! I hear that there is a blanket that goes with the fleece pillow. Cant wait to get the blanket, too!


Manufacturer Description

Create a flower fleece pillow. Includes pre-cut fleece fabric in two bright colors – pink and green – fleece accent flowers and all the stuffing needed to create one 11” square pillow. Use the supplied tools and fleece fabric strips to make pom poms and tassel accessories. Finish off the look with a no-sew woven edge. The perfect go-together accessory companion to our Deluxe Easy Weave Fleece Blanket (#130000).

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