Age: 6 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $9.99

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Play Tested Review

Kids decide whether their critter will be spotted; striped or have random patches - it all depends where and what colours are added to the form. To make it easier, you can draw a pattern on the pick base form. Adding the fur is easy. Just drape a tuft of strands around the punch tool, then push it into the form. Even when its fully furred, there are things you can do to make it more unique - keep it uneven and kinda scraggly, or cut and style it exactly how you want it. And there's one final touch, a surprise... Each kit includes a mystery accessory. Will it be glasses, a mustache or something else?




It is really fluffy like a stuffed animal. I like that you get to use a tool that comes in the box to make it and you get to make the stuffie from the very start. The body was really weird when I first took it out of the box. I liked finding the glasses in the bag. It is a simple craft that was hard at first but then became easy the more fluff I put in.



I love this toy because the mystery piece was exactly what I wanted....GLASSES!!!



My fluffable was really fun and easy for me to make. It was easier then other make your own stuffed animal crafts I have tried. The tool to push the fur in worked really well and didn't break. My favorite part was making the fluffable. She (my fluffable) is really cute and looks like the pictures on the box. I was able to make her with stripes and she looks good. She is really soft and cuddly. I like that you can take the glasses on and off. I like the glasses as the surprise I got in my kit. This would make a good present for my friends for a birthday. I like the one I got best - the orange and yellow cat. Sometimes her fur has fallen out but we were able to use the tool to push it right back in!


Ruth B.

We loved this craft! I love how interested my girls (5 & 8) were and how excited they were to see the project through to completion. We had a rainy day to complete it on, and it was just the perfect way to spend some time as a family. My 5f year old was especially taken with the idea of making this toy. With adult assistance, both girls (5 & 8) were able to make this toy., but this craft needed adult assistance the whole time. Our 8 (nearly 9) year old daughter had to be reminded to keep spacing appropriate for the yarn holes and to keep the pieces an even length. Our 5.5 year old daughter also tried and needed exactly the same adult assistance. This craft kept my girls fully busy for about 2 hours. They really enjoyed making it and then trimming the hair down. It was so fun to make your own stuffy; a novel idea. It was simply cool to make it. The concept is very simple (pull the yard through on a loop) to make the fluffy hair, but it worked very well. The design was extremely creative and the toy craft seems very well made. We have enjoyed gentle play with the stuffed animal once finished. The instructions were not so simple initially, but once we got going we figured out that we had correctly read the instructions and that we were doing the right thing. I really love the enthusiasm my girls had to work on this craft and how happy they are with the end product. I was also grateful to have an adult in the house who is crafty for the weekend and who loved sitting for such a long time with them to help and guide. (It may be hard to always have that time. Until the child can do this on their own, this is a good craft for a cottage on a rainy day.) This craft was totally captivating for our daughter (5). She was thrilled to learn how to pull the yarn through (with close supervision). Her older sister (8) also enjoyed helping to make it. To do this independently, I think a child would need to be older, perhaps 12. Really a great craft that surprised me in how much interest it generated.

Susan C.

For my son (8) this was a one day play craft project. He customized the animal and made a few alterations to his liking and that was it. It stuck around for a couple of weeks on display but there wasn't too much interaction besides the shedding of the fur. Once it was created and the mystery item added (he received glasses) play pretty much stopped. The project was done and he didn't find playing with the toy the same as playing with a regular stuffie since the fur would shed when handled too much. There was a lot of excitement opening the box and creating the animal. My son enjoyed being in control of how his creature would look and found playing around with the fur colours and the process of attaching the fur to be a super fun project. It was cool to see my son (8) create a custom stuffie. He really enjoyed the process and the activity of assembling it to his liking. Starting from a basic body shape he was able to choose the colours he wanted and where they went and even how fluffly his creature was. Since there is no set way of assembling, he was able to create any type of animal he wanted and ended up creating one and then added more fur to give it a different look. He also really enjoyed the mystery package with a surprise accessory. The instructions are clear images that are quick and easy for everyone to understand. My son played for quite some time developing and creating his creature. He changed up a couple of times to find the perfect look. My son is 8 years old and didn't have any issues. My daughter is 6 years old and the recommended age for the toy, but I don't think she would have the same control over the tool and would probably have had to have a lot more help with the project. My son was able to complete it on his own without any help. The tool is quite sharp and could be dangerous. My son didn't have issues but some kids might. There is a caution warning on the box that it contains a stylus with a sharp point.

Wendy K.

It's a very fun activity! My 6 year old daughter really enjoyed adding all the fluff. She loves the special comb that comes with it, and she especially loved the glasses that came with her fluffable as a mystery accessory, I think that was actually her favourite part. That said, she also liked the activity itself, especially once she improved at it and was able to add fluff completely independently. It was kid-friendly enough for my 8 year old to follow by himself, but my 6 year old definitely needed explanation, so her big brother (age 8) helped her out quite a bit. With some practice, she was able to use the special needle to put in the fluff all by herself. The design is simple, yet it works. I like that my daughter had to work at one small clump of fluff at a time. She liked choosing the colours and really enjoyed fluffing all the fur once it was in place. Sometimes if it wasn't quite pushed in enough, the fluff came out and shed. And sometimes my daughter tried to take too much at a time, so some of the fluff fell out then as well. It was a little messy as a result. It's nice that there are different colours to choose from, but it is difficult to make it symmetrical or any real kind of pattern. My daughter doesn't mind, though. It looks like decent quality, but not amazing. If my almost 2 year old son gets his hands on the fluffable, it will surely be bald again in no time. I think this toy is an excellent craft. Once it is made, I really don't see how it'll be played with so much as it is not the best quality and will surely shed its fur if it is played with. Making it was quite safe as the pointy thingy isn't so sharp. An excellent price for a craft that took a couple of hours to do, and brought a lot of joy to my daughter. A great design overall, but the fluff definitely sheds if it's not done 100% correctly (which was clearly the case for my 6 year old). She has not played with it since completing it, but I think of it more as a craft anyway. She proudly shows it off to grandparents and other guests on occasion.

Allison M.

I really liked this craft. We have tried other crafts where you make your own stuffed animal that didn't work very well. Either the animal didn't turn out like the picture or the animal was too delicate to play with. This animal was easy and fun to make and turned out just like the picture and my daughter (7) built it all in one sitting since she was excited to finish it. The tool you use to push the fluff in was well made - metal instead of plastic. The instructions were easy to follow and my daughter was able to do all the steps herself. There was enough fluff material included with the kit and if some fluff falls out then you can use the tool to push it back in. The animal is very cute and soft and can be used to play with and cuddle when you are done making it. I liked that the surprise accessory (which was glasses for us) was able to be put on and taken off. I would definitely recommend this toy to any parent that has a kid that likes making and playing with stuffed animals.


Manufacturer Description

Fluffables™ are the fun, cuddly characters you create and play with. Pick a pattern or design your own! Use the stylus to push pieces of yarn into your Fluffables™ form to create a funny little friend. Comb and trim to style your Fluffables™. Each kit comes with a mystery accessory for you to open and discover. These secret items make your Fluffables™ even more unique. Collect lots of kits and mix and match ccessories between your Fluffables™. Trade with friends and keep them all! Fluffables™ are easy to make and adorable to collect. Leave them funny looking with long shaggy hair or twim to give them fun haircuts.