Age: 8 years and up

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The puzzle has a triangular base with shaped pieces which you are tasked to fit inside it. Different challenges are offered by telling you where to place the triangular tractor piece and 1-2 others. You job is to fit the remaining pieces to fill the grid. 

Our testing families found the Funny Farm challenges are much easiser to solve than Crazy Campers by the same comapny. The triangular shape of both the grid and the main tractor pieces seems to provide more placement cues that the rectagular shape of the base and tent piece in the Crazy Campers puzzle. 




I didn't really like this game.  I kinda found it boring and I don't really like farm animals.  My little brother liked playing with the animals.



The game is fun and it is good that it has a lot of challenges.  I like that it has hints if you need them.  The pieces are really cute.



This game is very similar to Crazy Campers besides for the pieces, but this one is a little easier than Crazy Campers. The pieces are really cute! There are hints and it really helps. This game is a lot of fun.



I really like this puzzle, the pieces are really cute to look at, I like the pig the best, and the horse.  The first puzzle was hard, I needed to look in the book for a hint, after that, it's weird, but they seem to get easier.  I have done 5 puzzles in a row and didn't need to get a hint once! 


Marie-Lise H.


We had tested another puzzle like this one that was just not solvable, thank goodness this one is!  The difference is the shape of the puzzle, it is a triangle and not a rectangle, there a less variables I guess.  So this puzzle I like!

Krista M.

Adult Tester

This brain teaser was quite challenging. i liked that if you needed a hint they were upside down in the book, so you only saw one at a time. There are 50 puzzles in the book, but many more combinations available, so this puzzle has great longevity.

Liz H.


I thought the pieces to this game were cute and very durable.  I liked that it was a quiet, compact and educational game.  However, my daughter's interest in this game was limited. Althought I loved the idea of this brainteaser, i think she found the 'farm theme' to be immature.  I used the game informally to play with my 3 year old son.

Jennifer B.


I loved this game and so did the kids (M7, F10 & F12). Its very easy to transport, and was a hit at the cottage. Could spend an hour at a time playing with this. Its so challenging and the fact that the book provides different levels of "tips" is so great, too.

Joyce S.


A cute brain teaser that my kids enjoyed.  They even played it with their friends working as a team to solve the puzzles.  Lots of fun.

Rebecca Y.


The pieces are very cute, and the idea is simple. The kids had fun with the challenges, but definitely used the hints.


Manufacturer Description

Welcome to Funny Farm where life in the barnyard is more fun than work! 

To Play: Locate the Big Tractor piece and any additional pieces as indicated by a challenge in the booklet, then fill in the remaining puzzle pieces. When the challenge is solved, the barnyard will be full, with no empty spaces. 

The Challenges: There are 50 barnyard challenges to solve. Running short on time with too many fields to plow? To lend you a hand, each challenge includes 2 tips, each one locating an additional piece. Still not harvesting a solution to the puzzle? We provide those as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your overalls and start your tractor. It’s time to cultivate those brain cells and plow up some fun!

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