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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

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It keeps breaking but I love how the retry dancers spin



I wish it came with more little pets. It is hard to make them spin. The disco doesn't stay together. I like the little animals.



How come there is no music mama? They are so cute when they dance but I'm sure they would like music to dance to!



I can make the animal zoom down the ramp to the dance floor without falling off. Did you know that the bottom of the animal twists off so you can change it with another one....if we had more than one?



Mommy. I love the dancer but why digests darn ramp keep breaking? I can't play with it if it keeps breaking!


Jennifer Y.


A poorly-made, over-priced toy that looks much more exciting on the box than in reality. The disco parts do not snap together securely and come apart constantly. The animals fall off the ramps. The disco doesn't even have music.

Sylvie S.


Not a very impressive toy. Seems to be too many flaws to it and missing components. There should be music since the Dizzy dancers are supposed to be dancing and the design should be better made to firstly keep it intact while the kids are playing with it and also, not to slow down the dancers while going from the ramp to the floor. Aliyah [F6] likes playing with the Dancers and making them as fast as she can but she doesn't play with the disco much. It is very frustrating to her that it comes apart so easily and that the Dancers barely spin when they get off the ramp and actually make it on the dance floor.

Shannon C.

Cute idea but this toy is not a family favorite. It breaks apart rather easily and tends to annoy the kids (F3 & F5). It was cast aside within hours if entering the house and has been ignored since.

Cathy M.

My 4 year old daughter and I were very disapointed to find out that there is no music with this disco. It took Mackenzie a few tried before she was able to make the dancer work, but she has mastered inserting and then pulling the plastic piece out. The various ramps do not hold very well, so the disco is not very stable.

Bill C.

The parts that make up the actual toy do not connect securely thus it tends to collapse easily. Our children preferred to play with the dancers alone on the floor. If it would have connected securely this would have been an amazing toy.


Manufacturer Description

Get your groove on at the ultimate dizzy dance-off! Now your pets have their very own dance floor that can play up to 12 different light shows as they spin! The DIZZY DANCERS SPIN 'N GLOW DISCO playset includes 1 special edition DIZZY DANCERS pet, DIZZY TWIRLIN' BASE, DIZZY CORD, TWISTIN' TRICKS CARD, sticker sheet and 7 mix-and-match trick accessory pieces! The DIZZY DANCERS SPIN 'N GLOW DISCO playset gets your pets movin' and groovin' like never before!

Your own unique DIZZY DANCERS disco!

Your DIZZY DANCERS pet has a cool new place to whirl and twirl! With your DIZZY DANCERS SPIN 'N GLOW DISCO playset, you can place the 7 different trick accessories around the dance floor to create a unique dance experience when you play. Make your DIZZY DANCERS SPIN 'N GLOW DISCO playset your own by decorating with the included stickers! Collect all of your favorite adorable DIZZY DANCERS pets (other pets sold separately) and throw your own dizzy dance party!

Your pet gets on the dance floor!

Your BONNIEBOW pet is an adorable, spinning, pink dog! To get started, just insert the DIZZY CORD into her DIZZY TWIRLIN' BASE, then pull it out and watch your BONNIEBOW pet go! The SPIN 'N GLOW DISCO playset comes with special trick accessories, so you can design your own disco with the 7 mix and match pieces. These pieces allow your pet to twirl her way through the archway, scoot down the rails, and zoom down the ramps. Add to the fun by switching on the lights and watching the floor glow!

Meet the DIZZY DANCERS pets!

DIZZY DANCERS pets are adorable spinning pets who can't wait to get their spin on! You'll love to make them perform cool tricks, and they're tons of fun to collect! (Playset includes 1 pet, other pets sold separately.) DIZZY DANCERS pets always have fun with their twirlin', spinning, furry friends. It's time to get the fun started—Ready. Set. DiZZY!

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  • Customizable dance rails: Kids can arrange the 7 trick accessory pieces to design their own disco!