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Tiger Electronics (Hasbro)

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99

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Several testers say they like these even better than Zhu Zhu pets, mainly because they're available in different animals - not just hamsters. Our testers also like having accessories for their Frenzies - glasses, hair barrettes, etc. But note that in 2010, the Zhu Zhu line is now expanded to include similar options. We found the two brands to be quite similar - strictly a matter of preference. Frenzies are slightly larger with nicer eyes and facial detailing. But Zhu Zhus have their own charm, including their brand tattoos.




I like Buster the Dog. He's soft and barks. And the play structures in the brochure look cool. I want to collect all the animals.



I like the doggie and the bunnie. I think they are cute and make good sounds. They really work better than the Zhu Zhu Pets with the playset - they climb the ramps better and faster. I like to put the hair clips and hairband on their heads. It's like dressing them up. Sometimes we have reaces to see who can get around the fastest.



I think these are just like my Zhu Zhu Pets except they make some different noises. I think they were kind of boring and I didn't want to play with them for very long.



He's a silly puppy doggy!



They are so cutie. They are furry and adorable. It is good they bare different ones.



I like it when it spins around. It is very cute.



These are so fun to play with over and over again. I love the fact that they can race with other fur real friends! It’s so cool that they don’t bump into walls or objects (they touch it with their noses). I can’t wait to race them!!!!



I think they are really interesting, they are like real robots and I an interested in the technology. It's really cool to see them move, it looks like they really know where they are going. I would love too see how they work inside.



they are just too cute!!! I love the little dog and the little rabbit, they are so sweet. They make the cutest little noise when you touch their noses and they can move really fast. It's cute how they can stop when they touch something and back up and turn around, you don't have to move them, they can do it by themselves.


Laurie T.


This is something that Zoe played with for a while but I think would be more fun if she had more than one to play with or if there was a friend that had one as well that they could play with them together.  It seemed to be played with a lot the first few days and quickly lost interest with.

Eric C.


Surprised to find them so enjoyable.

Love that they have some random movement and make funny noises.

Good variety of animals.

Iwona V.


FurReals are very similar to Zhu Zhu Pets, except they come as all different types of animals. Zhu Zhu's only come as hamsters. Victoria and Jessica played with Buster the Dog. They make noises and move around. The button on top of the Furreal isn't very obvious, but after having a ZhuZhu we decided to press the top of him to make him move. Pressing the nose makes him 'talk'. Nice variety of pets to choose from.

Kim M.


Furreal Friends - Buster Bow Wow is a cute little dog that barks, pants and makes other cute sounds while scurrying around. With a touch on the back, this cute little canine moves forward or if his little nose bumps into something, he will turn around and go another way. I like that the Furry Frenzies have animals other than hamsters (like Zhu Zhu pets) - seems to bring some animal diversity into play! He will continue making sounds for sometime until he enters sleep mode if not played with. He scurries much more efficiently on flat tile or other hard surfaces. He works both in the Furreal Furry Frenzies Playset and seems to work well with the Zhu Zhu playsets as well. Sometimes, Buster Bow Wow is recruited to play school and house with the other stuffed and non-mechanical toys in our house. The playsets are not necessary for a child to enjoy this toy.

Jill B.


This little dog is cute- it's amazing the directions it can travel in and all of the little noises it makes. My kids love little toys/tiny animals, so these little guys are right up their alley. They giggle with joy watching them scoot all over the place.

Hitomi S.

Other Adult

It's very cute. It is neat that it can go back and forth, makes noises and can find it's own direction.

Amy C.


Funny, soft and full of little squeaks. An ideal pet !

Kathryn H.


This was a big hit right away. My girls took to this toy quickly and laughed and giggled as the doggie made noises and ran around the room. I like that the noises aren't too loud or annoying. It runs well on the hard-wood floors and our foam mats. It didn't work too well on the carpet.

Julie J.


A novelty that wore off after about 5 minutes. The cardboard box "house" that it comes with was quickly dismantled by our daughter. The only family member who seems to enjoy this one is our puppy!

Marie-Lise H.


they are really cute and cuddly little animals. I like that there are not all the same species, some of them are not too girly that my sons did not want to play with them. They do work great with the Furreal friends Scoot and scurry city playset.


Manufacturer Description

What's adorable, furry and a little ball of energy? This super-cute -- and fast-moving -- FURRY FRENZIES figure! Your Furry Frenzies figure just loves to run wild; scampering, scurrying and spinning all over the place. He even lets you know he's having fun by making all kinds of funny sounds! And while it is sure to win your heart with all of his cute-as-can-be rushing around, there's one thing that's always sure to make him slow down: a chance to cuddle with you!

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