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Tiger Electronics (Hasbro)

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $69.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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Our testers walked it everywhere - in the house, outdoors, to the store, to the park, and to school. And of course, they fell in love with it. Not only is this pretend pup the next best thing to a real live dog (some would say better!), it is unbelievably adorable, and totally in touch with a young child's urge to nurture. The perfect small-dog size, it looks and sounds so realistic that even parents were known to briefly mistake it for the real family pet. The dog can roam free, or kids can attach the leash and control its motion - front, left or right (but not backwards), while they take it for a walk. The toys success is due in part to the fact that instead of trying to recreate a four legged robotic walk (which never works), this pup rolls along on wheels. The realism comes from the front legs which scurry along giving the illusion of a brisk, happy walk.




She could talk and move! She barked and was very very lovable. I took her for walks inside and outside. I also played with her a lot.



I love walking the dog but sometimes it just stops and won't go any further. I like that it is furry and cuddly.  I like his leash but outside he doesn't walk too good. Inside he goes good.



This is almost like having a real dog! She looks so cute. She barks and she walks.



I like this dog because it talks, you can move her left and right and straight. I like her because I can take her for a walk. The leash makes her move. Her size is just perfect. I take her everywhere. I took her to the store, I take her in the backyard to go pee, I wipe her feet when she comes back in so she doesn't get the floor dirty. She is great - but barks a lot! Her name is Fluffy.


Maggie W.


My daughters loved walking the dog but it does not go too well on pavement outside. It kept falling over. It works well inside the house though. The dog stops on its own and you have to pet it in order for him to continue moving.  So any child who is impatient might get frustrated with the dog.

Kim M.


The Furreal wakin' pup is a great toy for children who like to take care of animals. It brings out the nuturing quality in children. The pup is realistic looking, a good size and has real pup-like sounds.

Julie J.


Still shedding like mad all over our house and the kids clothes. The batteries seem to run out very quickly.

Stacie C.


The dog is really cute and I love the sounds that it makes. The girls were instantly in love!! They are struggling a bit with the controls because the dog wouldn't keep walking in a straight line, Jillian had more success with it, she didn't get as frustrated. The biggest problem we have been having is that they both want to play with 'Go-go' and have been arguing about whose turn it is :)


Manufacturer Description

From neighborhood strolls to playing in the park, there’s nowhere your loveable puppy doesn’t want to walk with you! While you two are out exploring together, he’ll make barking sounds and wag his tail to show you how much he’s enjoying his walk. Use the remote control leash to guide your little friend wherever you want to go and just see where your adventures take you!

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Item: 94372

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