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Glitter Pie Art Studio in a Box

Glitter Pie

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Definitely NOT the usual assortment of basic supplies, these are whimsical things that pop with attention getting, vibrant colours and fabulous “I want to touch them” textures. Just looking at it all makes you want to grab the glue and scissors provided, then fold your box and decorate it with all the fabrics and papers, flowers, butterflies and ribbons, sequins and even feathers.

It's great that everything is provided - even scissors, quality Podge-style glue, and a foam  glue "brush". It does however, make the kit a little pricey, so that it really is a special occasion craft - perfect for a cherished gift. 




I love the big box that contains everything to make a little box.  It supposed to be for the tooth fairy, I could have mande any type  of a box, but I like the idea to make a tooth fairy box.  I like that I had all my materials in one place, it was easy to stop and clean up.  I learned to cut the material after measuring it well, I cut one piece too small, so I learned for the next piece, and even when I cut it too small I could still use it to decorate.  I wnted to use the flower so I sut a small hole in the top of the box.  I like that I can be creative and make the box whichever I want.  And the glue has glitter on it, it's like magic when it dries.  My box is now on the side of my bed, it's really beautiful.

I have lost 2 teeth since I had my mox and the tooth fairy seems to find my tooth easie.



I think the box I made will be useful. We had extra materials that my sister could use to make another craft. The kit had everything we needed.



It was more than I expected.  I made the tooth fairy box.  It was sorta of easy.  It was easy to know what to do and there werre lots of choices of what to put on the box.  And there was lots of stuff eft over so I could make more things.  That's great.



I like this box. I made a neat hat. I needed to ask mom for some paper plates but then i used all the stuff in the box. The fancy shiny material was great for my hat and the ribbon was colourful. I like using pog. It is like glue. The sponge was very easy to use. I like it better than the glue bottles at school.



This toy has given me a really great idea - I have a big box now to put in craft stuff that doesn't go anywhere else (odds and ends) and then when I want something for a craft I am doing, I just look in my craft box.  This is soo good because I don't have to forget where I put everything. 

I have used up all the glue already, but I still have some of the other things left.  I really liked the glue because it was glitter glue. 


Marcia M.

Other Adult

January 2011 - First Impressions (from Toy Fair): I think this is probably my favourite new product at the Canadian Toy Fair this year. These open-ended craft kits are designed to explore the PROCESS of creating, rather than simply making something to tack up on the fridge. It’s a wholesome concept, and one that’s been offered by other kits on the market – albeit with varied success, as today’s task-oriented kids typically prefer the structure that project kits provide. What’s different and so fantastic about these kits is the craft materials provided. Definitely NOT the usual assortment of basic supplies, these are whimsical things that pop with attention getting, vibrant colours and fabulous “I want to touch them” textures. Just looking at it all makes you want to grab the glue and scissors provided, so I’m guessing these kits really will inspire kids to jump in a get creative.



I think this is a wonderful little box, everything for an activity was included, no running around looking for scissors, glue or material i's all included.  There are more than enough material that even though there is a picture that acts as reference it was quite easy to personalize. I am a little curious that for a Canadian product there is nothing in French.

Mia has her box by her bed, it really is sweet and very unique

Orietta M.


Would i go out and buy this little box? No.  I can find all kinds of scraps in my house that my kids would love to use and add it to their art table. Would I buy it as an add on gift to a present? perhaps but i still feel it is too pricey for what you get.

The concept of the box with stuff inside that you can use to create a piece of art is wonderful, but you can create this in your house too.

Kim M.


Great craft with interesting bits and pieces, although a bit costly for the amount of crafts that come with the kit.  The scissors and some odds and ends are still left and are being used for other crafts and projects that come up. 

Jennifer Y.


A compact box that contains EVERYTHING a child needs (and much much more!) to create a wonderfully unique tooth fairy box. 

No step by step instructions, just some gentle suggestions. Creativity rules the day!

Amy C.


Magic in a box. Great if you want to pick something up for vacation as it really does contain everything you need. A little pricey otherwise especially as you generally have scissors at home already. We loved the selection of odds and ends...unbounded creativity. Wonderful idea.


Manufacturer Description

A one-of-a-kind, hand packed, environmentally conscious art box for anyone 5 years of age and older who loves to create. Glitter Pie began as an art studio but their ground breaking and creatively charged art curriculum needed to reach further than the 4 walls of their space. Now it's available in a special kit you can have in your own home! 

The best part about ART STUDIO IN A BOX is it's just that. No need to go out and buy brushes, glue, etc. before you get started on your next crafting session: Open it up - and you're ready to create! This whimsical parcel is more than just a box - it's an experience; encouraging the recipient of their product to use their five senses when they dive into the delicious contents provided inside.

Glitter Pie ART STUDIO IN A BOX prides itself of PROCESS not PRODUCT. When something is process rich there are inspiring textures, exploration and freedom behind what can be done. It's about the experience of art making - not what is being made or what the end design is or looks like. These deliciously hand-packed parcels are full of texturally charged materials to ensure that every art box experience is individual. Every artist is one-of-a-kind and they have designed the boxes this way! Glitter Pie stands behind their slogan "our ingredients - your imagination." There is a recipe card for potential crafting ideas inside each box and you can find Tiffany's are demonstrations on YOUTUBE, but the art possibilities are endless with this product. Not only is this box a well-designed delight - it's also green. All of the inks used for their box are bio-diverse from soy, walnut, linseed or coconut. Each box is cut and printed in a solar energy powered facility utilizing wind power technology.  

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