Age: 6 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $19.99

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I can beat everyone in my house at this game! I'm really good at it!



I love this game! It's hard, and you have to be quick, but it's so much fun.



I loved beating my mom almost every time and collecting all the cards. The longer I play the faster I get at stacking and switching the scoops. I like all the bright colours and the rules about dropping a ball you have to use two cones to pick it up...its hard not to drop one once and while! I like all the flavours and balancing the cones and ice cream scoops and that the cones were different colours than normal ones. Also, trying to make the scoops and cones look exactly like the pictures on the cards is fun and challenging. The only thing I don't like is that the base of the cone is too small and it topples over easily. It is a racing game and most of my others are taking turns type games. I like that it is very colourful and is more of a game of skill than chance.


Lisa G.

An unexpectedly challenging game. The time pressure to be faster than your opponent was hilarious and entertaining. High interest was maintained throughout the testing period. Challenges between family members were made and accepted! Lots of laughter and mistakes but that's what made it more fun. This quick thinking and action game is unique. It is a brain teaser but with more than one player which is unique. Zahra (F9) loved playing this fast paced competitive game after dinner, challenging her dad or myself . She likes the rainbow type colours and that it really looks like Ice cream. I like that it's a brain teaser but it's also a race! The game was challenging in a good way for our 9 year old girl. It was also the right level of challenge for adults, too - in other words a perfect family game- we had just as much fun as her! The balls and cones are bright and colourful and are mini in size. It comes in a big box but the game inside is small- they could've gone for a more compact box and made it travel size. We parents loved that we were on equal playing field - no amount of previous knowledge will help you win. Playing with this family friendly game has been a pleasure - it's fast paced and challenging for all ages. We love a good race and some healthy competition - we think it's a good skill for our only child to learn. I'd recommend for 8+ only because younger children may get frustrated and lack the competitive drive to continue the game.

Tammy W.

The girls (7 & 9) like playing this game because it's challenging, yet the game can be played in about 5 minutes. They love playing this game against each other, and against their friends. Carleigh F7 is always trying to compete with her older sister Ava F9 and with practice, she is improving. They get really excited and loud when they're competing against each other! The design is quite simple, the bright colours are attractive, and we love that you're not allowed to touch the scoops with your hands, even if they fall on the floor, you have to use the cones to pick them up. The game pieces look well made, although the cards are someone flimsy. The challenge is exciting, and sometimes they are left wondering how the other was able to complete the challenge so quickly. My son (11), who is very "left-brain dominant", is incredibly slow at the challenges, and my daughter (9), who is very "right-brain dominant", excels at it, beating anyone she plays against, even mom and dad! The instructions are very easy to follow, and it's funny when one kid yells "Go, Go Gelato!" when the task is complete, but then a cone will fall down half way through their shout, and they learn they actually haven't won. The game can be played in 5 minutes using 5 cards, or you can make up your own rules and go through the entire pack of cards before seeing who won the game. It makes the game last a bit longer. I like that my "artsy" daughter found a game that she excels at! Success at the game comes naturally to her, and it was great to see her right-brain dominance at work.


Manufacturer Description

Using 4 cones, 3 scoops, 2 hands, and 1 challenge card fill your customers’ orders as quickly as you can! Pass the scoops back and forth between the cones, being careful to not touch or drop them. Work quickly to figure out the best way to satisfy your customer before your opponents do. Fill the order exactly like it looks on the card, or you’ll lose the race. A tasty and engaging dexterity race that's fun for everyone! Skills: Visual Perception, Focus & Attention, Problem Solving, Fine Motor, Processing Speed. Play Time: 15 minutes

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  • 16 Cones

  • 12 Gelato Scoops

  • 54 Challenge Cards

  • Illustrated Rules