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Go Nuts For Donuts!


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Our testers loved the cute donut pictures and that each type of donut represents a different action or scoring method. Game play involves scretly bidding to win one of the turned up cards in the donut row. If no one else bids on that card, it's yours. Some cards help you earn points. Others are action cards, like drawing the top cad form the donut deck, or giving one of your cards to another player. Cards won are placed face up in front of the players and the row of donuts replenished, then play continues to the next round. We love the strategic ramifications of others being able to see the hand each player is building as play progresses from round to round. The game is played with a different sized deck depending on the number of players, ranging from 37 cards for a two-player game to the full 70 card deck for five or more players. To make it easier and ensure a playable selection of cards, the cards are colour coded: green cards for a two-player game, or add the pink cards for a three-player game, etc. Great game, lots of fun.




I love this game! It's so fun to play with lots of friends. I even took it to school to play for indoor recess and everyone loved it. I like all the different types of donuts and the funny faces. I don't like that the instructions are hard to read and I would want to add more cards because when you play with 4 + people you run out of cards quickly. But it's a very fun game.



I like that when you start going for one kind of donut, you can't switch because you'll lose points. I also like that if you're both going for the same card, then no one gets it.



The game was easy to learn because my dad taught me in 1 minute how to play. I was able to explain to my mom and brother how to play too. I like all the pictures but especially the donut holes since I would eat them - they look delicious. I liked the faces on the donuts and the poor sad face on the plain donut. I liked playing the game alot but sometimes I get mad when me and another player pick the same number and get nothing and the other player(s) get a card. I also don't like when you get passed a big negative card like the day old donuts but I did like passing it to my dad. I like that there are lots of different kinds of donuts that do different things. It's alot like the Sushi Go game. I liked the 3 or 4 player game better since when there was only 2 players you would often end up just fighting for the same card.


Wendy K.

This has been the most played game in our house since we got it close to a month ago. Play has dwindled a little because the novelty wore off, but my kids (F6 and M8) still enjoy it, and it's still the go to game whenever their friends come over. My neighbours came over (kids ages 7 and 10) and with my kids, the four of them were busy playing this game happily for a long time. The game is simple and fun, and my kids love the pictures. They also like that different cards are added when more players play. It's definitely a game that is better with more players. My 8 year old could not figure out the instructions on his own at all, and I found some of the wording to be not so clear. But once I read through it in detail, we started playing and realized how simple it was. As my kids can read, they can follow the instructions on the cards. I like that it keeps my kids playing happily for a good half an hour. There is enough luck in the game that my 6 year old still has a chance to win, but enough strategy that my 8 year old enjoys it. I think it's a great game for anyone who can read. Different ages can play together, but I'm pretty sure my 8 year old has won every time he plays against his 6 year old sister.

Rebecca Y.

The kids (m9,m12, m13) are enjoying the game. I like that it can be played with 2 to 6 players, which is great since the kids can play all together but the play is still fun with just 2 of them. When there are more players, there are new cards which change things up and keep it interesting. The instructions were pretty easy to follow - it's an easy game to figure out by yourself. It's very simple. There's a bit of psychology since you don't want to choose a card that someone else is choosing which adds to the fun. The different kinds of cards are good and the kids love that you can get the worst cards but you might be able to give them away. I like that it's a short quick game which requires little setup and cleanup.

Allison M.

This was one of my daughter's favorite games of the year (this and the 5 minute dungeon) and we were very happy to test it. It was a fun to play, easy to learn game. It's similar to Sushi Go with the cute food picture cards and the different things that each donut does. I liked the variety of actions and donuts in the game. I do wish though that like Sushi Go, you could pick from a selection of cards of what to include rather then being assigned based on the number of players. The 2 player game tended to have alot of conflicts as both people would compete for the same card but 3 or 4 players went well since you might want to try for the second best card out there so that you can get it rather then losing the card in a conflict. Our family was able to easily play this game together, but the passing a card and stealing a card aspects meant that the game could get a bit mean of picking on other players, which don't always go over well with kids (although some adults like that kind of strategy). I think this game would be very popular at Games Night (with adults) as it's fast to learn, quick to play and has some fun strategy in trying to plan what to pick based on what you think others might do.


Manufacturer Description

The Pastry-Picking Card Game. Time to take the donuts! A tray of tempting treats awaits your bid in this freshly baked card game. Will you go for a stellar cruller or grab a glorious glazed? A double chocolate is sure to score, but in the long run Boston cream may be worth more! Choose carefully - if two or more players go for the same donut, nobody gets it! End with the highest score and victory will taste sweet! Strategy…Choices…Tension… Three essential ingredients to any great game. All of them play a vital role in this easy-to-learn and instantly engaging card game from first-time inventor Zachary Eagle. Together with the team at Daily Magic Games, Zachary created a unique twist on set collection card games. In addition to the whimsical variety of donuts inside, part of what makes Go Nuts for Donuts! stand apart from the crowd is the secret bidding. This adds a delicious layer of tension that will surely tempt you to come back for another round! Enhances the following skills: Probability; Visual Discrimination; Strategic Thinking


  • 70 donuts cards

  • 42 player cards

  • 7 donut row markers

  • rules of play