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Go Piggy Go!™

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Good game except the dice is not rolling at all. The piggies are cool. Can I shoot you?



I didn't really like it after we played it a few times, it seemed kind of boring.



There's a little tractor that shoots hay stacks. I like the dice and when you get the little tractor there is a button that you can shoot so you can hit the piggies over.



I love playing this game. I even taught my dad how to play. My favorite part is when i roll the dice and get the tractor, then I can hot my Mama's piggies with the hay! So fun.



I liked it cause you can move the pigs and the pigs can stand on each other and your pig can get a free ride. And the wolf shoots you with hay! If the wolf gets you, your pig has to go to the mud pit and you have to start over!


Julie J.

The concept of the game seeemed fun but our girls (ages 6 and 8) didn't enjoy playing more than a few rounds of it. They both complained it was boring even though the board set-up and the plastic figurines were very eye catching. The game doesn't involve a lot to grow with as a child ages, and there isn't much variety between games. They did enjoy launching the hay bales, but mostly launched them at each other instead of as part of the actual game. The plus was that it was a short game to play and didn't take up alot of time, so it was something we could play quickly while getting supper ready, or waiting for the school bus.

Karen R.

This is a great game and can be played fairly quickly. The game board is visually pleasing but compact. The tractor that launches the hay bails works well. The stacked piggies sometimes fall off kind of easily, but this also makes it easier for younger players to shoot the piggies down. Cole (M5) was naturally more concerned about being able to shoot the piggies off the track instead of getting his game pieces to the end, but after some time, I think he would learn to play more strategically. Cole (M5) enjoyed playing this game for 3-4 rounds at a time, however the desire to play did wear off rather quickly. I believe he would come back to it now and again in his game rotation. The pieces are made well and there are extra hay bails included in the case that one is misplaced as they are fairly small. This is a cute game to add to the collection for children of this age.

Cathy M.

My daughter (5) and I both love this game. The rules are easy to understand the first time around and each game does not last too long, so no time to get bored. I do think it could be played by younger kids as long as they know how to count and recognise numbers. Not too challenging so not sure it will grow with my child, but at the moment, she (f5) really enjoys playing it and will play non stop (even with her dolls!!).

Liz H.

This is a fantastic game of strategy and luck. I love that it is an 'old fashion' board game without fancy lights and sounds. My son (Sean, 5 yrs) really enjoyed playing and my daughter (10 years) aslo had a great time playing with her younger brother. The game is well made, very fairly priced and it generates a ton of laughter.

Evgeny V.

Good concept, good execution, yet my kids (M5 & M13) lost interest after the initial play with the game.


Manufacturer Description

It's a pig-stackin', wolf-dodgin' good time! You get three piggies, and you've got to race them across the board to the fresh food waiting for them. Roll the dice, and pick which piggy to move. You can even land on another piggy's back and catch a ride! But that wolf on the tractor could knock your piggy right back to the mud pit. . 

Pig Stackin', Wolf Dodgin' Play! - Race those piggies! You've got to get all three of your piggies to the fresh food across the board. Roll the die to make your move. You can even land on top of another piggy and catch a piggy-back ride! When they roll and move, they have to move your piggy with theirs, taking you even closer to the food!

Watch Out for the Wolf - One of the faces of the die says "Tractor/2." If you roll that, you can either move two spaces, or take control of the wolf and launch a hay bale from his tractor at an opponent. If that hay bale knocks a piggy off its square, that piggy goes back to the closest mud pit, slowing his journey to the food. 

Checkpoints and Winning - The board has two checkpoints, so if your piggy is past a checkpoint and gets hit with a hay bale, the piggy doesn't have to go all the way back to the beginning mud pit – just back to the checkpoint mud pit. The first player to get all three piggies to the fresh food wins! 

What's in the Box? - Go Piggy Go! game comes with the gameboard and 12 piggies (3 for each player, up to 4 players), game die, and the wolf in his tractor launcher and 3 hay bales projectiles.

PRESS RELEASE: Slow down your opponent by shooting the tractor's hay bales and sending your opponent back to his or her mudpit with the Go Piggy Go! Board Game! The outrageous pig-stackin', wolf-dodgin' board game includes 1 gameboard, 12 piggies, 1 wolf in his tractor, 3 hay bales, and a die. 

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  • Includes board and piggies, die, wolf tractor launcher and hay bale projectiles


  • Stack on top of another piggy to get a free piggy-back ride