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One player salutes and another revs an imaginary motorcycle before drawing a card; someone is blowing kisses; another player is pretending to hold a microphone while sepaking and all the while the buzzer sounds everytime someone gets caught not doing their silly task. Our testers loved this celebration of silliness. But it also takes a pretty good memory and you need to pay attention if you want to win because the "rules" are constantly changing. 

On each turn, players draw a card and then select one from their hand to play on one, some or all of the other players (eg. everyone wearing shoes, or a shirt with buttons or anything blue...). And of course, they have to remember to say 'Roger That" after everythig they say, or do a High Five before they draw their card - or do whatever "rules" they are tasked to follow at that particualr moment. A great game when you just want to have fun.




You can play on a holiday if you just make the buzzer sound instead of pressing the buzzer. If you click the button first you get two moves, and the other one goes back one.



The game is very funny to play.  I like the different cards because they make people do funny things.  I like that you get right into the game and not have to wait a few turns before it gets funny. 



The game looked like a lot of fun. It said on the box that it is recommended for 14+ and 3-8 players, but I played with just my 10-year-old brother and it was fun anyway. We loved pressing the buzzer, I think it's the best part Laughing. We played without the board, because I felt like the board takes away from the fun of the game, and it was way too complicated. Also the game ends when someone reaches the end, and that could be very fast even if only one person is not good at the game. We just played until we got bored which was after at least 1/2 hour.



In the beginning of the game everyone knows the conditions, but as the game moves on, people forget the rules and it can turn out funny. You have to make sure to go fast or else the game is not fun as people look at the rules too often.


Golda W.


It's a nice quick game that we like to use when people are at loose ends. The scoring can get confusing when we play it in large groups (i.e. who went for the buzzer first, etc.), but we manage to work it out in a case-by-case basis. There have been alot of fun and confusing combinations given to me--people rack up lots of points, because I'm so absent-minded!

Nipa R.


This game was a lot of fun!  It reminds me of a card game called the "Laughing Game" we used to play when we were young.  It's fast paced, and silly.  My boys M 10 & 13 really enjoyed playing this with their friends.

Joyce S.

This game made the kids laugh. It has funny actions and is very appealing to the kids.


Manufacturer Description

Gotcha! is the party game that breaks all the rules. In Gotcha!, each player tries to follow the constantly changing rules, while at the same time trying to catch others breaking a rule.  For example, a rule card may read, “People wearing jeans must use finger quotes while speaking.”’ If any jeans-wearer speaks without using finger quotes, the first player to catch it and hit the buzzer scores!  The rule cards have been designed so there are thousands of different possible rule combinations, offering great replayability and making each game different. The more rules that are played, the funnier the game gets - perfect mix of laugh-out-loud fun and hectic mayhem.  Catch your friends before they catch you! 

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