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Age: 8 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

A unique new take on building a marble run. We love how this set incorporates not only gravity, but also magnetic and kinetic forces to propel the marbles. And for some added brain challenging fun the set includes a booklet of puzzle like challenges to solve – whether it’s how high to build the track, which pieces to use, or the order in which the balls will reach the finish line.




I really like the piece that launches the marble with the magnets. I also liked the pieces with the holes so that the marbles could drop to a lower level. Some other people found the instructions hard to follow but I didn’t. I wish the set came with more marble launchers and more marbles. I liked following instructions but also creating my own set. I do feel like if I had a second kit that it could have been even better to make more interesting tracks. The pieces fit together really well and the tracks were easy to build. I liked at the end seeing if the track worked by testing it with the marbles.



I really liked the magnet shooter piece. I wish there was more of those pieces instead of just one. The instructions were a bit hard to follow. I wish the instructions were a bit more detailed as it was sometimes confusing. I liked that there were lots of different examples to choose from for the samples. This would have been even better with more pieces. I liked the see through level pieces.


Allison M.

My kids (F9 and M12) were very excited to test this out as soon as I brought it home. They love building toys and this was a great fit. They played well together with this and liked trying out the examples that came with the kit. My daughter also tested out some of her own creations. They both especially loved the magnetic piece that would shoot the marble and wished there had been more than one of those pieces as this was a real highlight. The pieces were easy to put together and it was fun to test out the marbles. We did wish that the instructions were more clear as it was just a photo and it was sometimes hard to determine exactly how the example was setup. The pieces were well made and easy to use. I can see how this is a starter kit though as to make more interesting tracks you would need an additional set or two to get more of the interesting unique pieces.


Manufacturer Description

With the GraviTrax interactive track system, you can design and build your own marble runs and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your marble to the finish. With a variety of tiles, levels, tracks and elements, you can control the speed of the marble. The open-ended building concept offers endless possibilities to design a different track every time you play. Add flair and speed to your tracks with expansion sets and action accessories. Experience the power of gravity with this epic marble run toy. With over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements, the GraviTrax Starter Set offers everything you need to begin building your own action-packed marble run. Discover how the laws of physics affect the track your marble takes with curves, crosses, freefalls and even a cannon. Experiment using different heights and angles to control the speed of the marble. Looking to expand or extend your marble run? The Trax and Building Expansion Sets help you do just that. Combined, these expansion sets offer over 70 additional elements to add more levels to your track or to make your track longer to keep the marble rolling.


  • GraviTrax® Starter Set ($59.99 USD)

  • GraviTrax® Trax Expansion ($24.99 USD)

  • GraviTrax® Building Expansion ($24.99 USD)