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Great Pretenders Eva Armor Set

Creative Education of Canada

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Our kid-testers loved dressing up in this knight costume, despite the fact it didn't include a sword. There are so many good things about this set: The metallic coloued mesh chain mail is very realistic looking, and te adjustable foam breast plate looks good and is comfortable to wear. The big disappointment, however, is that the head opeing for the chainmail simply would not fit over any of our tester's head - and many of them were young than the 5+ suggested age for the set.  Had there been any way to enlarge the head hole, our testers say they'd have given the toy much higher ratings.




The chain mail won't fit over my head. It wouldn't even fit over a ladybug's head.



I like being a knight. I look good in my costume. I like to carry the sword in my other hand. I put it on all by myself.



I like my knight suit, it protects me when I am in sword fights with my brother, and I look good wearing it.



What do you mean this is for a girl?  Where is the pink? there is nothing girly about it... OK there is a little bit of a nice design on the front but the armor is way to big for me and I don't fit in the dress.  It looks better on my brother anyways.



Mom, how can you be a knight without a sword?


Jennifer Y.


My children (M6, F3)love to dress up. Their friends are more interested in pulling this set out of the dress up box than they are. The armour looks realistic, is light-weight and appears to stand up well to play battles.

Marie-Lise H.


Did not appeal to my daughter ( 8 ) or her friends.  An instant hit with my son ( 7 ) he has been wearing often.  Very lightweight, the vest is adjustable but it is still kinda big on Kaï .  I can"t fix the chain mail to make it fit over a child's head.  It didn't come with a sword which is kinda surprising, a knight is only as good as his sword. 

Orietta M.

I enjoy watching my son (4) have so much fun being a knight. He feels he is in charge of things when he is wearing this costume.


Manufacturer Description

This armour set has taken our line by storm!
Light weight and realistic, this foam armour is 100% play safe! The EVA is bendable, adjusting at the waist with velcro straps. 
It comes packaged in a net bag that doubles as an under-armour tunic. 

Set includes bag/tunic, body armour, helmet & shield- pair with our EVA swords to complete the set! This is a hot hot new product for Great Pretenders! Also great to pair with a cape!

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