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Green Toys™ Submarine

Green Toys Inc.

Age: 6 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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We loved the original Green Toys™ Tugboat (Platinum rating, and still available), and this submarine-styled version shares the same features. It does seem that kids gravitate more naturally to the familiarity of a boat theme, but this sub was also very populer in our play testing homes. Like the tugboat, this toy sub doubles as a pitcher (complete with convenient handle) for lots of pouring fun - as well as, being useful when washing kids' hair. The sub floats well, and submerging it (to fill with water) makes even more sense in imaginative play scenarios than sinking a boat. The only functional difference between the two toys, is that instead of a spout, the sub has a mouth-like slit across the front, which causes the water to cascade in a wide stream - a neat effect, and particularly well suited for hair rinsing. Parents will appreciate that the toy drains well, and dries completely between baths. And we're impressed with the new pop open cabin at the top to make it easier to clean inside the toy. While parents may find the toy useful for bathing infants, as a toy, this submarine is far better suited to older kids who can appreciate it as more than a simple pouring toy. We found it best loved in homes with kids at least 18 months old, but in most homes probably closer to two and up.




This is cool!


Christina D.

The concept of this toy good with the large handle, holes on the side to let out water, and the opening at the front to scoop up water. I liked that it is a green product and that the packaging is recycled. I think it would stand up to a lot of playing and the price is reasonable. Overall this is a good toy but my 17 month old daughter did not like to play with it. Pouring water between her cups seemed more appealing.

Aretha T.

Our son continues to enjoy playing with this toy. I would gladly purchase this submarine for him. Not only is it well built, he plays with it on his own both in and outside of the bath. The handle on it is great. He uses It to carry the sub as well as during play.

Ruth B.

This is a simple toy, but my son (4) really enjoyed playing with it. He used it as a submarine, but also just enjoyed filling it up. The toy is easy to use and fun to play with. There are no batteries or instructions required. Lots of potential for imaginative play, and fine motor skill development, too (pouring skills).

Gabrielle L.

My son (2) still plays with this toy over every night in his bath! Definitely his favorite and I can see him playing with this one for a few years. It gets him excited for bath time and does make bath time a fun time!! Plus it doubles up as a rinse cup!

Nadine L.

Great bath toy - simple and safe, and it can also be used for the pool. Really well designed and easy for a toddler to hold with the handle. It is also easy to store and clean. My 2 and a half year old son loves using the boat to pour water on himself. And now that my 9 month old is starting to sit in the bath she is also grabbing and holding on to the toy.


Manufacturer Description

Take the helm of the Green Toys™ Submarine for a nautical journey to help protect the planet! Submerge it underwater to explore the terrain at the bottom of the tub, and let it resurface to scan the horizon in search of the next earth-friendly adventure. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this sturdy watercraft features a spinning rear propeller, a flat bottom for added stability, and the classic handle and wide-mouth opening combination for plenty of scoop-and-pour fun. The cabin can be opened for easy cleaning, while the whole vessel is also dishwasher safe. No BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings, and also meets FDA food contact standards. Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks.

Model Number

Product #SUBY-1033

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