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Grow Your Own Crystal Mini Worlds


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $22.99

Production Status: In Stores




Growing my own crystals is so cool! I love that I can make them any colour I want. It's like a magical scene when it's all together.



I think the mini worlds are pretty cute. I like the mini animals that come with the worlds. The dragon is my favorite. They were a bit hard to stick in the clay though because they are rubber. The crystals turned out really well, but I wish there had been more pipe cleaners. There was extra stuff needed that we had to find around the house or buy at the store like the jars and the distilled water. The crystals took a while to grow and we had to work over several days for them to be ready. When they were finished then I thought they turned out really nicely. The only struggle we had was trying to identify which dye tablet was blue and which was purple. The stands took a while to assemble but I like that we can choose how they look and set them up how we like. They look really nice when they are done. My favorite part was making the pieces out of clay. The clay was a really good clay that was fun to squish and mix. But I wish there was more clay for the bases as we seemed to run out and not have enough. We did however, have enough clay for another mini world but all of the bases are smaller.


Christina B.

Lily (f8) was really excited that it actually grew crystals from what seemed like nothing. She didn't like that it was a long process (over a few days with drying and growing), but loved the end result of the first craft we did. I like the science aspect of it, making it fun for kids to learn about science through a craft. The little figurines it came with to create each little "scene" were definitely a hit here, too. Adult help is definitely required with this as it involves chemicals and boiling water. It wasn't hard to make, but it did take time. There are a lot of instructions, some general and some specific to one of each of the three crafts in the kit. Also, the instructions are somewhat mixed up (part of them is in the crystal growing section, others in the section specific to each scene of the craft kit), and not repeated so you have to search to find some of the instructions if you're just looking at one craft. Parts of it were harder to follow. You have to have large jars, or else it gets messy! And since it requires a lot of adult help, so you do have to set aside time and prepare ahead of time for what you want to do. My daughter has made one of the three crystal sets so far and she thinks it's pretty cool. She was so excited the first time we pulled the pipe cleaner out of the jar and we saw that there were actually crystals that grew! She created a scene with this kit based on a book series we're reading about dragons, so she was very enthusiastic about putting it together.

Allison M.

Both my son (11) and my daughter (8) really liked this craft. We made all 3 at once and they really enjoyed the process. The crystals turned out well, but we only had enough jars for 3 different colours. I wish we could have made more. We made all the clay items at once as well and that was really fun. The clay worked really well, had a great feel and was fun to work with as well as mix for different colours. I think this was the favorite part of both kids. They also both really enjoyed putting the scenes together, but we did struggle a bit with having enough of the right colour clay for the base as well as getting the paper holders/stands to stay together. We had to use a lot of glue and hold them for quite a while to get them to stay. The process for the crystals did take several days so it required some patience to complete the craft. To make things easier - we made all 3 at once so you did not have to worry about clay drying out or having to re-make the crystal solution or warm it up each time. The stands were a bit hard to put together, but we managed with much glue to eventually get them to work. The dye tablets were not clear what colour each was (blue and purple looked too similar for us to tell). Overall it was a fun craft that I would recommend to other parents.


Manufacturer Description

Each kit includes materials needed to create 3 different dazzling crystal scenes: a dragon's cave, a unicorn's forest, and a seahorse's coral reef. You’ll enchant your family and friends with your rainbow creations! WARNIOG: This set contains chemicals that may be harmful of misused. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used with children except under adult supervision.


  • 48-page book of instructions & inspiration

  • 3 mini figurines

  • Crystal powder (4.76 oz/135 g)

  • Air-dry clay in 4 colors (1.12 oz/32 g)

  • Glue (0.23 fl oz/7 ml)

  • Glitter (0.07 oz/2 g)

  • 3 display stands

  • 38 paper punch-outs

  • 4 pipe cleaners

  • 4 dye tablets

  • 2 craft sticks

  • Nylon thread (3.3ft/1 m)


  • Grow a rainbow of dazzling crystals

  • Includes 3 mini figures

  • Grow your crystals, then display your mini worlds