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Happy Cube 6-Pack Original Happy Cube

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Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99

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Our testing families really didn't know what to make of these foam puzzles. While the fine print on the bottom of the box refers to an information sheet, our samples included only the six puzzle frames (each holding six puzzle pieces). For testers that kept the frames (and based on the returned samples we got back, not everyone did), there was some challenge in fitting the pieces back in. Beyond that, the pakcaging shows a number of cube shapes that can be built from the pieces. But this aspect of the puzzle was a little too challenging for our preschool testers - all families suggested the puzzle better suited to older children.




"This is too tricky mummy, how do you do this?" ( My daughter ended up passing this to a much older neighbour to figure out).



I like the colours of the cubes. They are soft and you can build little houses from them.




I like the blocks, but they are too hard to make. I like the soft (material) and I like the colours too.



I hate this puzzle, I can't do it.  I don't want to play with it anymore.  I want to make cubes and it's too hard.  The puzzle doesn't work.  I have the pieces in right and then the other ones don't fit.  I can't get it back together.



I always have to ask mom or dad to help me. It is no real fun for me like my other puzzles.


Tania T.


This one was a very interesting toy but one that was totally above my kids age in terms of level of difficulty (age 5 and 3).  I have to admit it even frustrated me but in a good kind of way.............think rubics cube brain teaser type toys.  In the end I have a few neighbors give it a try and believe me it took a while to figure it out but I guess kept us occupied.

Orietta M.


Not a sell for me only because i feel the toy is not appropriate for its beginning age group. I feel it is better suited for an 8 year old. I like the toy itself because it is simple and allows for the mind to be creative but i think it may be to open for a 6 year old to truly understand what to do with the puzzle pieces. It is not your traditional puzzle where the shapes can quickly transpose into a picture.

Marta W.


An educational toy for sure. It teaches the user 3D orientation skills and hand-eye coordination skills. Small foam solid colour pieces allow you to build simple or more complicated structures depending on your level of skill. More fun to play for myself them for my child. Seems to be too complex for a 5 year old.

Mireille S.


I have no real issues with this toy, other than the fact that it is probably poorly rated for the age group. This is definitely not a set for 5 year olds. Even the adults in the house struggled to assemble the cubes, much too difficult for young children to play with. My son was discouraged by this one and lost interest rather quickly. After giving it a few tries, he would give up and move on to other toys.


I did like the material of the cubes. The soft foamy texture made it interesting to build and safer to have around the house. In the event the pieces were accidently stepped on, there were no injuries and the foam would immediately spring back into place. The pieces didn't break and actually bent when they were misassembled.


I wish instructions, or at the very least, a “cheat sheet” were included with the set. Other assembly ideas for the pieces would also be nice. Right now, the only thing you have to go on, is the back of the box which gives very, very limited information on assembly.


I would also like to see the price come down a bit. Even if my son had enjoyed playing with this one, I’m not convinced I would pay $18 for the set. A lower price might make this set more competitive with other similar brain teasers.

Tammy W.


This is an extremely challenging toy, even for parents! I got so frustrated just doing the 2D puzzles, I am embarrassed! I will have to sit down further with the toy and try to figure out some tricks. My son (5) found it to be very very difficult and he loves puzzles and is great at doing them. He wants to make cubes but the instructions are hard to follow. We all love a challenge but I think this one might be way out of our league!


Manufacturer Description

This version of the Happy Cube Family series has a moderate degree of difficulty, and is suitable for ages 5 and up. The Happy Cube is the original design, created in 1986 by the Belgian inventor Dirk Laureyssens.

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  • Each set has 6 puzzles